Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Decor...really Halloween...

Happy Friday!!

I figured this is a great time to show you some of my Fall Decor!

I got it all out last night and decided it is time for Fall and for Halloween all at once!

Below is my mirror in the entryway...the black gauze has purple lights in it....AWESOME!!

This is a cute little witch from TJ Maxx I think and my candy corn yankee candle!

I lOVE glitter and bling so this spider from Pier1 fits right in! Their stuff is soooo cute and glittery...I could spend a whole paycheck in there! HA! The pumpkin is a craft I made about 20 years it!
T.V. Decor....
This is a close-up of my shelf in the living room.
This is a full room shot of the Halloween decor
Got this new papas an cushion at Pier1 yesterday. It was 1/2 off as it is a summer pattern....LOVE it!
This is a view out to my patio!!! I got these mums at Costco. Aren't they great? Wishful thinking not bringing in my hummingbird feeder yet but i think they left last week :-(
This is my sweet Angelica. No post is final without a picture of one of my babies.....
Happy weekend to you all!!!!

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