Monday, September 17, 2012

Enbrel Update

Today was a really crazy day!

I won't get into detail but lets just say that each year when my Enbrel prescription runs out, I am never told ahead of time and it turns into a day of doctors and bloodwork and TB tests just to get the ok to take it another year.

So I was at work for a few hours and had to leave suddenly and rush to the doctors.

I get that these tests need to be run but I wish somehow they could be proactive and schedule it all a month before it runs out and not a day before. I have to be tested for AIDS, TB, liver levels, etc.

Oh well, I also got informed that this year I also had to get a full-body check for skin cancer. Yes, it is a good thing but WOW! I don't even want to see that much of me....ha!

They saw nothing except this dry patch on my face that I have been watching for a while so I have a prescription for cream that they said will clear up those pre-cancerous cells. Not fun stuff but I guess that's life.

Tomorrow night is my dinner date. I am soooo psyched-this guy is so sweet and adorable! He has called me every night to say good night to past several days since he has asked me out :-)

I will give you all status! Wish me luck!

Also, please say a prayer for a really close friend of mine, Kimmy. That friend that just lost her daughter and is getting divorced....she just found a new apt and a new job and she was let go today as they did not think she was learning the computer stuff at the dentists office fast enough :-(. She is really sad and down on herself....please send prayers of courage for Kimmy!!

Much bloggy love to you all!!

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  1. Poor Kimmy! She's been delt so much :( I hope things start looking up for her soon.

    Wow nothing like a quick run around to the doctors! It took me over a month to get an appointment with the dermatologist here.


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