Friday, June 29, 2018

5 on Friday...Friday 5...Friday Favs

Welcome to five on Friday! Today I am joining all the fun parties for Friday 5, 5 on Friday, etc. See below...

Here are my five favorite products that I cannot live without! I buy a lot of generic name brands and it never really bothers me because I love to save money! I am very, very cheap!  LOL! However, these five products are must haves for me and I will not skimp and buy a different brand even though they are a bit pricey! They are worth EVERY penny! PS-I have NOT been compensated in any for this - these are truly my favorites!! (But any one of these companies can contact me asap and I will be your #1 spokesperson!!!)

ONE: OPI Nail Envy! This stuff is awesome if you struggle with thin or peeling nails! This stuff really works to make you nails stronger!!! It is amazing! I don't not leave the house without AT LEAST this on my nails! It has completely negated me having to go get manicures also - so I am saving there!!! My nails look great!

TWO: Seche Vite! A blogger recommended this years ago and I have never quit using it! I do my own nails and I would ALWAYS smear them after painting them! I sadly have no patience to sit with my hands on my lap for 15 minutes while they completely dry! Well, fear not, this stuff is amazing!! It will COMPLETLY dry your nail polish in a few minutes! Even multiple coats of color! I mean completely! It is a game changer for anyone that does their own nails!
 PS-Here is a picture of my real nails currently! Don't they look awesome?!? All from the Nail Envy and Seche Vite - I promise you will love them both!

THREE:  This stuff is awesome! Once I hit 40 my hair became very frizzy and frustrating! I tried this at my sisters house and it  tamed all the frizzy!!! Just one pump onto wet hair and my hair dries great either naturally or with a hairdryer! I HAVE to have this!

FOUR: This stuff is awesome! I read a recommendation online for this and decided to try it! It is pricey but soooooo very worth it! It keeps my hair so shiny and it smells amazing! I have tried others that are cheaper but I always go back this! I makes my hair pick up the light perfectly - it really does make my hair look awesome! Every time I use it - I get so many compliments on my hair!

FIVE: And finally - Charmin!! I cannot skimp and buy any other brand! I hate when I go somewhere and they have that thin, see thru paper! You end up using ten times as much anyway so it is just better to get the top of line in my humble opinion! I swear, this is my must have no matter what!!! I cannot stand cheap and scratchy toilet paper and I love the feeling of being as clean as a sparkling mermaid (cue the commercial-LOL)!

Well, that is must have 5!!! I promise you will love these if you try them! And, again, I was not compensated - these really are just my very favorites!

Anyone with me on any of these? Have you tried any of the products? What do you splurge on? What do you skimp on? Do you get facials? Do you get manicures?

I hope you all have a safe and amazing weekend!!!


  1. Fun post, Ann! My nails are so pathetic, I'm unsure if anything could help them. But(!), I totally DITTO what you said about Charmin … I'd rather fight than switch. (Remember that olden television commercial?) Our butts deserve the best, don't they?

  2. Hey girl, lovely to meet you! :) Please feel free to link up your Friday faves posts with us - we’re a nice, peaceful group of bloggers and would love to see you around more.

    I must look up that Seche Vite polish - like you, I don’t have time to sit around and wait for nails to dry. And even when I do and I THINK they are dry, oh no, they’re not dry at all. Damn it! Lol! BTW, you have gorgeous nails.

    I’ve been contemplating getting some frizz treatment for hot days at the gym and looking god awful afterwards. LOL!

    I hope you’re having a great week hun! ;) xo

  3. Lol we have to have the cheap crappy toilet paper or the toilet clogs. Sucks having septic!


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