Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Momma's Not Leaving

Good morning friends!

I hope everyone had a happy start to their week!

Mine started great however, this morning was a little rough...LOL!

I got a leg cramp in my right calf as the alarm went off at 6AM and then when I tried to stretch it, I got a cramp above my left knee! SO MUCH PAIN!!! Seriously, I tried to step out of bed to stretch out the pain and I fell right onto the floor!  It's funny now but not then! The cats all came running in the room to find out what I was screaming about and just stared as I drug my butt off the floor! That is not the way you want to wake up! UGH!

Oh well...all good now! Happily I have an adjustable desk at work...I am now standing at my work desk trying to stretch out the cramps this morning!

Yesterday, I went around campus here at work to check on all of the the eastern bluebird nest boxes and got some awesome surprises!!!

Some new babies in SC2!! Not sure why there are only two...I am a little worried that a predator got into this box since there were 4 eggs!! I will wait a week and check it! Hopefully he (more than likely a snake) just stole the eggs before they hatched and he wont be back for these two little cuties!!

A completed nest with five new eggs!!!! It looks like they are starting to break out now (see the bottom right egg has a little hole in it?) so we should have babies this week!!!!
 And a completed nest with 3 eggs...momma should lay 1 or 2 more and then in a few days more babies!!!
And here is the best shot I think I have ever gotten!!! We always knock on the nest box to give mom a chance to fly out so we can get a picture. They don't seem to mind at (I think they know we are also the ones that clean the box between nests-HA HA). I knocked on this nest box and nothing flew out so I inserted my iPhone camera into the slot in the roof and got this awesome shot!!! Mom must have been very focused on fixing her nest or laying an egg because she did not budge at all! These are the best shots I have ever gotten of an eastern bluebird female!

 I love this picture - look at the beautiful detail on that mommy bird!!! Must be laying an egg...

I hope everyone has a great week filled with beautiful things!

Do you bird watch? Feed the birds? Dislike the birds?
What is you favorite way to enjoy nature?
How do you find your happy place?


  1. Wow, what beautiful pictures of the chicks, eggs, and birds! How fun it must be to watch the whole cycle from laying the eggs to watching the little chicks break out and grow into birds.

    1. Hi Annette! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! It really is amazing to watch and so much fun when all the eggs hatch and then eventually all the babies fledged the nest! But unfortunately nature can also be very troubling...we have about the same amount of happy and sad...many snakes taking eggs and other birds destroying mother bluebirds and her eggs and babies. But, such is nature, and that makes the survivors so much more special! Happy Wednesday!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Jesse! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I love your blog!! I am now following - hopefully I can use your decorating tips when I get my new house this year or next! Annster's Domain

  3. Pretty! My friend has a ton of bird feeders and a great porch to watch them on.


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