Monday, July 2, 2018

Facebook Buy Sell and Trade Deal

Hi yinz!!!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed cool! I am not sure what the temps were everywhere else but near me it was hot hot hot!

In Pittsburgh they were predicting 92 for a high on the weekend and I could not imagine braving that weather in my condo so I packed up my Vera overnight bag, turned up the air conditioner for the cats and headed to Ohio for the weekend!

I was really, really excited to get there this weekend because I found this wonderful deal I could not wait to use my new toy!!

I am not sure if you all have "Buy, Sell, and Trade" groups on Facebook for the area you live in or not. My sister showed me these groups and now I am obsessed! If you do not follow yours already, you should! I have gotten so many great deals on these Facebook groups! 

I have been looking for a reasonable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) for a long time time now! I almost bought one last weekend for $350 - and it had no paddle and was only 10 feet. The one the "buy, sell and trade" person was selling with 11 1/2 foot, with paddle for $150 and was perfect for what I wanted! I was so excited to find out that I was first to be interested in this gem!

I had to drive about 45 minutes to pick it up and it was so worth it!!! The seller helped me load it into my little Honda Civic. (Funny side story: when I got there he seemed puzzled that I thought I could fit it in my car as I have Honda Civic 2 door but I explained that I fit a Christmas tree so I was sure it would fit- HA!)

Here it is looking back from the front seats...

Me with my new BFF in the passenger seat...

And finally, the view of the passenger side. 

 Well, it fit with no issue!! Tight squeeze but perfectly safe and only about 1 foot sticking out of my trunk! I could not wait to get to the lake and try it out! It weighs a decent amount (46 pounds) and is fairly wide. I think the weight would be an issue if it had to transport it to use it each time but it will have a home right beside the lake so no problem. The board is really stable to use - I love it!!!

We had the paddle break already but I think it is just due to it is a year old and I am not sure how it was treated prior to me so I already purchased a replacement on Amazon. I figure $30 is nothing when I have saved hundreds on the board itself!

I will leave you with two videos of my nieces and nephews paddling away! What a great find!!

Have you ever tried kayaking or paddle boarding? How about a fun ride on a jet ski? What are your plans for the 4th? Watch local fireworks or travel? 

I hope everyone stays cool and safe this fourth of July holiday!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it really is! I cannot wait to get back to the lake and use it more! Happy 4th to you and yours Kellyann!!

  2. Great deal! I'm addicted to the marketplace part but I get really annoyed when someone sells it to someone else when you had plans to pick it up later. I live in the country so I'm not 5 minutes from all the great deals lol

    1. Oh no - I completely agree Julie! I was the first to respond to the paddle board post and the person selling PMed me to let me know if the first person passed then it was mine. I was like "wait I am the first" and she said she already had a friend interested! What a crock, right? I just got lucky and the friend ended up not wanting it. Sooo super frustrating but you can score some great deals for sure!


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