Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thanks Honey Boo Boo

Well, it worked!! I sat and enjoyed all twelve episodes of Honey Boo Boo up until the finale when June and Sugar Bear are married!! It is hard to admit but I actually cried when June and Sugie exchanged vows...scary I know. I must be emotional today with the break up but all in all that show makes me smile and it was just what I needed!!! It is so hard when you realize that someone was nothing like you thought all along.....But better I learned in three months rather than allowing him to steal three years, right?!?!?!

Then I went to my favorite place on the planet in the Winter and Fall! Trax Farms!! In the fall - their pumpkins and apples are the best and they make this homemade apple caramel dip that is to DIE for!!! I love me some Jonagold apples!!! I wanted one so bad I could not wait to eat one until I got home - I broke this out in the car!
I also got these at Trax....Concord grapes. They have a very short season and they are sooooooo yummo!!! My great Aunt Martha used to have a grapevine in her backyard and we used to eat these right off the vine when we went to visit....they bring back sooooo many awesome memories!!! Oh, to have those days back!!
Now that I am over forty, I can not figure out why I ever wanted to grow up....I would go back in a heartbeat! Miss those carefree and no responsibility days!!
I hope you all are having a happy weekend!!! I am making the very best of mine...thanks for all the support and love from Bloggy Land.
You guys rock!!!

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  1. I've actually been craving apples the last few days. Weird lol


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