Monday, September 30, 2013

Saturday was an awesome day here in Pittsburgh! We had amazing weather!!! High 70's and sunny! My family came in from Ohio to run in the Great Race on Sunday so we spent the day at Trax Farm Market!!

Soooo much fun with all the festivities for Fall!! Mom, Dad, oldest sister and I met up with my little brother's family there.

This is my oldest sister pushing around the goods!

And here is my niece climbing up the stairs on the right the slide down the inflatable slide!

We also hung out at the petting zoo and that was hillarious!!!

We then met up with my little sister's family too and  all went to Buca De Beppa for dinner! YUMMO!!! Always amazing food there!!! This is my nephew on the way in the car wearing his homemade mask!! He told me his name is creepy biscuit when he has this on. HA HA - no clue where he came up with that name!

This is my youngest sister getting her much needed drink at the restaurant - just kidding. This was totally staged for Facebook!

This little girl clung to my sister all night! Normally she is my little cling-on but this night Aunt Kerry scored and she hung on her all night!!

This is a picture of the damage we did!! Yummo!!! Everything was amazing!

And, last but definitely not least, it was my Dad's birthday Saturday night! So we all sang at Buca and saved this cake for after the race on Sunday.

Hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did!!!

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