Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Exercise? NEVER!

I am one lucky chick!!! I am blessed with the best HipHop and Zumba teachers anywhere!! 

The other night there was a Zumba After Dark event at one of the gyms I workout at called StudioFit.  I am a member at LAFitness but I supplement that with classes at other gyms that I love and other gyms that my favorite teachers teach at - HA.  I literally follow oner around - her name is Kristy and this is her right below. Her class is so fun and so high energy I LOVE it!!! It is not even like you are exercising! (PS-You can see me the photo below also, I am in the front row...far right in the large white t-shirt) ha!

This is another Kristy - she ROCKS!!!

This is a hilarious shot of me in my t-shirt.  Everyone else wears these cute matchy matchy outfits and I look like a bum!!! HA

This is a behind one of me! :-)

This is Kristy again...I am far right...
This is another instructor, her name is Sabrina. She is also amazing!

This was such a fun and awesome night of exercise!!!! If you ever get a chance to do Zumba or Cardio HipHop you sholuld give it a shot - I think everyone will love it! Also, if you ever get a chance to do an after dark event....go!!!! It's soooooooooooooooo fun!!!!

Here is a little video of all the pics if you are interested. Gill Porr is awesome and sooooo supportive of the HipHop instructors here in Pittsburgh...he is always helping them with video and pics of classes for promotion!

Hope you all have an amazing Tuesday!!! Almost halfway there! HA

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