Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend~ Mine was fun-filled and jam-packed with excitement ALL weekend!!!

Friday night consisted of going to see my boyfriend's son play on his HS Football team. He plays for the Canon-MacMillan Big Macs. Their mascot is a strange looking man in a kilt (honestly kinda scary) and I think it should be a Big Mac itself!!! Wayyyyy better!!! (I tried to google a picture to show you how awful this thing really is and could not find a single image so next game I am going to get Jimmy to pose with him for a pic so you can see how awful this thing really is! - Seriously, not exaggerating!)

His son is number 67...he was right in front of 69 and then when I snapped the picture below 69 moved behind him and blocked my picture....but, here is his team HA HA.

They unfortunately lost bad - it was like 56 to 0 final score....but they put him in the game at then end and he got four tackles in a row! His dad's face was priceless when he heard the last name on the speaker over and over!!! Sooooo cute! He was a very proud dad!!

Then I headed to Columbus for three soccer games on Saturday! I got to watch all my nieces and nephews rocking the soccer fields!  They all did amazing! This is my niece Aly warming up!

 And this is her still warming up... she scored a goal this game - probably due to all the warming up! hee

Ryan at his game

This is Ky and Matt - snuggling cousins watching the lineup of soccer games!

 This is Ky at her game

And Ky kicking the ball in...

The next morning the ENTIRE FAMILY  went to Hocking Hills in Ohio for a Canopy Tour. Mom and Dad got all of us kids and our spouses tickets for Christmas. It was soooooooooo much fun!  We got to play a little cornhole and hang out until it was time for our tour.

Mom and Dad (Memaw and Poppy) were the designated they are. They actually ended up letting the kids zipline on the kid course too! Thanks Memaw and Poppy!!!

This is all of us getting our gear on for the zip-lining! PS- OUR INSTRUCTORS ROCKED!!!  I am sure they are all good however, if you can request one, pick Jamie and Scott!!! Both awesome and funny guys!!!!That is Jamie on the left of the picture and Scott standing in front of my sis in law in pink.
 This is all of us smooshed in the Ranger to get to the tour and beautiful ride!!! Awesoe nature out here!!!

This is one of the many natural bridges you get to cross along the tour.

Another view with Jamie our tour guide...

This is my brother Matt and I hanging back over the tree platform by our harnesses...soooooo fun!

This is my siblings and I! Such a great picture of us all together!

This is the group shot of all of us that went together...from left to right Dan, Kerry, Susan, Steve, Sara and Matt and down in front me and my nephew Matt.

And another of all of us on a rock

This would be me coming in for a landing....little action shot!

This is another nephew Brody eating lemons...rind and all. He LOVES them! HA HA

We all went to dinner at Millstone BBQ after the tour. It was so awesome and absolutely perfect BBQ! We all had such a great time and it was amazing to spend all that time together as a family!!!! The only peeps missing were JORDAN and JESSICA and MADELYN (two at college and one with her aunt for the day). Thanks Memaw and Poppy!! We  love you and had an amazing time!!!!

All Smiles!!!! Again, weekends are too short!!! :-)

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