Friday, September 20, 2013

My Fun Week

I made tutu's this week - four of them to be exact!!! It was fun and easy and actually pretty cheap!  I just followed directions from google.  We are running the Color Run in Pittsburgh in October and decided it would be fun to run in tutu's so I made them for my whole group!!! So me, my sister, my two nieces and their friend are all set with a tutu (even if they dont want one!)!!! Soooooooooo fun!!! 

This was the perfect activity this week as I wanted to stay in a few nights to watch the last two Big Brother shows and the premier of Survivor! The tutu making fell in perfectly with that plan! Very mindless looping and cutting strips of tulle!!

Here they are hanging and waiting to be worn!!!

 Last night I went to the baseball field with my boyfriend to watch his sons team play for Cecil little league! They won 11 to 10 in the last inning! It was a great game!

 This is his son Matt when he was pitching.  What a sweetie!!!

After the game we flew (literally) high speed to get ice cream before it closed.  This is the leftover of my Sarris sundae! YUMMO!!!! I got peanut butter chocolate ice cream with milk chocolate hard cap from a local favorite stop in Canonsburg, PA. If you ever get to visit there, you will NOT be disappointed!!! It it a candy shop (they make all the chocolate on site) and an ice cream parlor!

 This is a picture from this morning at work! It is Fun Friday and the theme was back to school! I brought in ants on a log (celery with peanut butter and choc chips).  Other stuff was Capri Sun drinks, puppy chow, egg salad sandwiches, pb&j sandwiches, chips, crackers, cheese, brownies, cake, hoho's and twinkies! It has been a glorious morning and I think I gained 100 pounds!!! HA HA!

This is my favorite new shoes!! I stopped at the mall last night when I left work to get my free VS body spray (full size!! This was awesome) Anyway, I ran into my hairdresser, Ann, and she had on the cutest shoes! She said they were from Charolette Russe and they were on sale for $15!!! Anyone who knows me knows I love a great deal so I ran right down there and got a pair!!! Thanks for the heads up Ann~~~~ PS - I also got two other pairs for $9....all shoes on sale right now!!!!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend~~~~

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