Friday, September 6, 2013

Next to the Last Day in OCMD

So our Friday in Ocean City started with sleeping in again (see a theme here?) and then going to find another awesome breakfast joint. There are lots down here. This one was recommended by a friend of Sherry's and not only was it adorable inside and out; it was awesome food! Mostly omelets and crepes. Sooo yummy. I had a bacon, ham, and sausage omelet that was exceptional!
This was the view from our patio as I was walking out the door to hit the beach for the day. What a difference though. The beach with my family is a ton of work; we have to take chairs, towels, toys, boogie boards, coolers, snacks, etc. My beach gear today was me, a towel, an ipod and a phone.
This is my token beach shot....we were some of the first ones on the beach today. Sherry rented a chair down there for ten bucks. She stayed for about 1 1/2 hours and then headed up to the room to chill. I stayed till 2PM and then had to leave as I felt pretty fried.
When I got back to the room I decided to go for a quick run since I have not exercised since we got here - HA! I ran down the boardwalk for 1.5 miles and then back to the hotel.
This is the location of my old house down here. The summer of 1986 I lived down here and worked the summer with friends from school. They have since demolished the house and built a Hooters however, this is where it stood all those years ago!! :-(
The Dunkin Donuts is now in the spot where I used to work. It used to be Miele's Pizza.
I ran past a store and saw this shirt.....reminded me of Jovita at work so I had to take a picture...
Took this picture of me in the car going to dinner. Sherry said I am looking like the tan mom....I do not agree.
This is where we ate dinner...another amazing restaurant. Great locaton on the bay and thedecor and wait staff was awesome and fun and friendly.
This was dinner (I did not eat the potatoes as I am on low carb right now) It was Mahi Mahi with crab meat and slaw......soooooo yummy!!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!! I plan to completely enjoy my last day here tomorrow as we driveback home Sunday morning.

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