Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Final Break Up



Last night it finally happened....

The night I have been waiting for...

The "latest loser boyfriend" and I have broken up.

I knew it was coming sooner than later and now, suprisingly, I am a little bummed and miss knowing that someone out there loves me but I am also kind of okay with it.

For those that dont know my history, I am recently out of a very one sided relationship. Waliacha moved in with me and then basically quit his job and started using drugs and it took me three years to get him out of my home and my life. So, now I am very guarded and have A LOT of bounderies.

I told the new man right up front that I had these bounderies and he was fine with it all at first. Then gradually he was pushing for more. I think he thought if he kept pushing then little by little I would give in. First problem, stop dating men that live with roomates as they are only looking for a roof. Anyway, I held my ground and he finally realized that I was serious about my bounderies.

When I went on my beach vacation, he thought I should leave him my key so he could come in and use my house and shower when I was gone (he and his roomates water was shut off at the time because the roomate did not pay the bill). I did not feel comfortable with that. So, he brings it up whenever possible that I did not even let him brush his teeth here....stupid stupid stupid!

I told him that the only way we would live together was in his home and that I was willing to wait for him to put his life together for that...however, I think he has finally realized that it is easier to cut and run and find a woman willing to let him move in with her.

Of well, single again...

FIrst questions for the new man will be...

1. Do you have a home?

2. Do you have a postivie bank account?

3. Is you car inspection up to date?

4. Are creditors calling you daily?

5. Are you passive agressive or do you have communication skills?

Is that too much to ask!?!???! PROBABLY, so maybe it is just simplier to stay single. HEE HEE...


Soooooo, I am spending my day cheering myself up with a little Honey Boo Boo!!! I have about 15 episodes to watch...yippee!!!


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  1. All good questions to ask. I don't blame you one bit!


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