Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day on the Beach

So on Thursday morning we woke up after sleeping in a little...hee hee (up around 8:30). We had breakfast down in the hotel lobby and then went back to our room to pack up and check out. This was my morning view....we wanted to hurl ourselves over the balcony and onto this amazing boat that was headed out to sea. I was laughing at all the bouys down the side of this he had already pulled two up...overkill!?!?!
And a final longing glance (and picture) off the patio....
We got in the car to head the rest of the way to Ocean City, MD (about two more hours left in our drive) and had to get a picture of this. Sherry got her windshield replaced about a month ago and a week later got hit with a rock and has ANOTHER crack in her she put a bandad on it for a few weeks before getting it replaced AGAIN! Her sister keeps sending her messages on FB asking about her "crack" and asking me to watch her "crack" so we wanted to make sure we let everyone know what "crack" she was talking about - HA HA HA HA!!!
Here is the sign that showed us that we had was a small party in the car!!! WHOOP!!!
This is our has a front sitting room, kitchen and the bedroom - AWESOME!!
This is our new fabulous patio view from our tenth floor balcony!!!
And another....LOVE this town and this beach!!!
Here is me....we arrived at 2PM and I hit the beach by 2:30 (no Sherry) she was relaxing in the room. It was awesome on the beach....put on one headphone for music and listened to the beach with the other ear - HA! The water was perfect....not too cold...just perfect! :-)
Here are my toes.....I could stay here forever!!!
This is where we ate dinner...yummo! I wanted something different for my low carb other than seafood so I got hot wings and they were awesome!!! I have not had wings in FOREVER!!! There were alot of people in the bar portion with their Ravens gear on since the were playing their first game of the season tonight. Silly me wore my Pirates shirt so they all knew I was from quite a few funny looks and was worried we would get jumped - hee hee (Ravens and Pittsurgh are BIG Rivals)
We did a little shopping and browsing and found cute little hermit crabs, lizards, and frogs for sale......very strange and a little sad to me (if I was a lizard I would not want to live in a little plastic box :-( )
We also saw this awesome little is actually to wax surfboards but we thought it was hilarious!!
Still children at heart!
This little fellow is living outside out our patio door...he is soooo cool so I am trying to get a good and close picture of him for you.....pretty cool looking right?! I love dragon flies....
Another shot of him...
I hope you have an amazing Friday...TGIF right?!?!?!??!
This week is going faaaarr too fast but don't they always when you are on vacation.

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