Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday Run Day

On Sunday was the event that my family all came back to town for....The Great Race in Pittsburgh!!!

This is my sisters and mother and I getting ready to race! We all registered for the 10K!

This is the view of all the people behind us waiting to start...

And this was the view to start many people this year!! We did the 10K and they said 5,000 registered for the 5K and 10,000 for the 10K...or something like that ha!

At about halfway was the smiley cookie - the mascot from Eat n Park restaurants....I had to stop and pose!! I ended up walking with my sister as she had not run anytime recently and I figured I would keep her company so we had an awesome walk through the streets of Pittsburgh!!!Whoop!

This is us with about two and a half miles to go!! Still smiling!!!

This is the view coming down the homestretch into the city...I think we had about a mile and a half at this is soo fun to run on the streets of Pittsburgh!! I am sooo excited to get registered for the marathon next year!!!

This is our whole group at the end of the race!! Smiley cookies for all!!! If you have ever been to Pittsburgh then you know Eat n Park restaurants and they have smiley cookies!! Love them!

Then we walked over to the point in Pittsburgh where the giant ducky is being held captive.  It is soo stinking cute!!! (The point is where the three rivers that flow through Pittsburgh come together.) You can read more about the ducky HERE. It was pretty awesome to see a forty foot high duck!

After the race everyone came back to my condo and had chili.  It was a great weekend filled with fun and chaos!! This is all my little nieces and nephews playing together in the papsan chair!

And then we had cake from Bethel Bakery (a family favorite for sweets) and sang Happy Birthday to my awesome Dad!!!
It was a pretty amazing weekend!! Hope you all had great ones too!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like an awesome race and weekend!

  2. That's awesome to get your whole family to do a running event with you!


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