Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Off to Sessions-ROADTRIP!

Today me and my bestie Sherry left PA to head to Sessions by the Sea. It is a long weekend conference in Ocean City, MD with other Friends of Bill.
This is the third year we have gone and as much as we love the fellowship, we love the beach and water more!! It will be soooo much fun and I will document it all!!!! LOL Get ready for lots and lots of pictures!!!
This is a shot from the car about an hour into the ride...
This is a shot of us crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland
and another...
Our room at the Hilton in Kent Island, MD. This was about five hours away from Pittsburgh and we have about two hours left. We are staying here for the night and tomorrow morning heading the rest of the way to Ocean City, MD. I tweeted Paris Hilton and asked for a comp breakfast...have not heard back yet....ha ha!
This is the view from our balcony...amazing right?!
Another shot of the water!
This is a picture from about ten minutes after we checked into our room! The sunset to the right!!!!
Beautiful view out to sea...
Amazing yachts docked to the left of our hotel!!!
Another pic with an awesome sailboat in the middle...
This is where we had dinner! Yummy!!
Loved this sign on the wall at this restaurant...
This is my friend Sherry at our table....can you beat that view at dinner? We ate and fed the ducks. Then we saw actual jellyfish in the water. I asked the waiter and he said it is ocean water and they have sharks, dolphins, and jellyfish....not sure why the sharks don't eat the ducks though.
We got back to the hotel and I have my feet propped up on the railing of the balcony watching the ocean and sky....amazing. I hope you all have as great of a Wednesday as I!!
I will leave you with my current view as I type this to you all!

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