Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pic Dump

Just a little picture dump for an update - hee hee!!!

I am back with my baby. We have talked and worked things out so I think we are good to go from here.  He is such a sweet man!!! LOVE him!

Over the weekend I wen tot the lake (parents house) and hung out with my brother, his wife and their two kids. This is a picture of my adoprable niece and nephew ... this was his first time on the speed boat. He has ridden on the pontoon many times but never in the speed boat. He was a little freeked out at first but loved it within 5 minutes!

This is me (left side) and my sister-in-law with my nephew. This was his first ever tube ride and he was hilarious! He loved it sooooo much!! His sister, however, would not even TRY it!!! Can you say chicken?!?!?

This is my other nieces and nephew. They had their first day of school yesterday! Do they not look wayyyyyyy too little to be climbing onto that big bus?!?! Sooo glad I was not there - I would have been bawling! They grow up way too fast these days!

This is them prior to leaving for the bus stop! Too adorable for words right?!?!

And my delicious lunch today!!! My cafeteria at work makes the best personal pizzas!!! You can pick either regular or wheat crust and unlimited toppings for 5$!!!!!
Yummo !!!! What a deal, hugh?!?!?!

Now I have got to go!!! A co-worker is retiring and I am missing out on free cake downstairs!!! Again, yummo!! HA

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  1. That pizza looks delicious! Love the pics. Glad you and your man are getting along good :)


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