Twirling, Driving and Walking

I just had to share with you all the most recent picture I was tagged in on Facebook! I am on the left. I was a majorette oat Bethel Park Senior High School some 25+ years ago and this was from a special performance we did for senior night. LOL! I love it - makes me feel so young and talented! HA!

I am the one on the left and two other two women I am still in contact with via facebook (Kris in the middle and Mary on the right).

 This is traffic in Pittsburgh everyday now! We have two bridges leading into our lovely city and PennDot decided to close one so this is the result of that closure!!! STUPID!!!! It took me 70 minutes to get down to my HipHop class last night and it normally takes 20.....arrrgggghhhh! Good thinkg that Kristy and Amy's classes are soo worth it!!!

And this is a lovely shot of the Wellness trail at my work! I love it! This is my saving grace at work!!! LOVE this trail for a quick walk at lunch or to relieve stress at work!!! AWESOME!!! And so pretty this time of year!


  1. love the old pic and that trail!! How nice to have that at work. We have a little trail but it goes around where there are some jails, yes you read that right. Usually no one is out there but sometimes the women are out there and I've had them call to me on a few occasions.


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