Wednesday, August 7, 2013


It's such a sad day...

You know when you know you need to do something and just do not want to?

That's where I have been for a few days now. It is all in regards to that man I was dating and recently I started noticing things would happen and I would worry and lose sleep over them and he would not. Not that I want him to lose sleep but I also realize that if you pretend a situation is not there then you never do anything to change it either. I have worked hard to get my life together and be responsible and live a certain way and I just decided that I cannot fall any deeper for someone that does not also feel this way.  Does that sound weird or egotistical?

I feel really sad though! We were only dating a couple months but I cared about him as a friend before that so I think the love feelings came faster and stronger. Oh well, I spoke with him in person about it last night and we are calling it quits.  I was surprised at his reaction as he did not even seem to care either way. He just said "thanks for the memories".  So it appears to be hunky dory with him. Is it wrong that I am upset that he was not upset when I broke it off? I think maybe I am.  Oh well, in any case, I did the right thing according to my gut feeling and that is all I have to go on. In the past, I would have stayed with him for a few more years because I do not like to hurt people and I would have been afraid to tell him I wanted to call it quits. HA....stupid I know.   Progress, right?!?!

Anyway, if you know any cute, sweet and established men......send them my way please!!!

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