Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday

Today I decided to join in on 5 on Friday

Five random things on Friday...If there is anything I am, it is random!

ONE: TGIF!!!! This Friday could not have come quickly enough! Ever have one of those weeks when you DREAD every day you have to walk into work...this qualified as one of those for me!

TWO:  I get to see my brothers two kids this weekend....they just happen to be my niece and nephew!! Cannot wait to see their adorable little faces! Maybe this weekend I can convince Madeline to ride the tube with me and her LITTLE brother! HA

THREE: Next weekend I will get to see my sisters THREE kids!!! They just happen to also be my nieces and nephew! It will be another weekend of lake fun!!!!!!! Swimming, tubing, floating, etc.!!!

FOUR: This is longest I have ever waited in between pedi's in a loooooong time! I have really spoiled myself lately and I am trying to cut back so that I have so money in the bank - ha ha!  PS - This is not really my feet...just thought the picture was frightening!!! LOL

 FIVE: I am looking forward to two weekend trips coming up very soon (but not soon enough) to Ocean City, MD and one to Jackson's Mill, WVa! I promise to blog about each trip....get me outta here!!!!!!!!

Thanks so letting me join in 5 on Friday!!! I can't wait to read everyone elses's and meet new friends!


  1. Whoa! Those toenails freaked me out! LOL I hope you have a fabulous weekend with your niece and nephew. Those little kids are adorable!

  2. ack those toe nails are scary!! I would be ripping them off by whackinig them on everything.


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