Monday, August 26, 2013

My weekend consisted of a little visit to the Midvale Speedway in Ohio. I went with just my mother on Saturday night - Dad was not interested in attending and we met my Aunt Kathy there.  Every Saturday in the Summer they have car races. It is soo much fun! There are lots of little wrecks and even fights in the stands sometimes - HA HA!  Here is the sign at the entrance!

Here is a little selfie from the stands rocking my nieces Alma Mater sweatshirt!!!

This was intermission. The fancy cars from a car cruise at McDonald's in Uhrichsville, OH drove up and paraded around a few times to keep us entertained at intermission.
And this was my Sunday! All day taking advantage of the awesome weather (since Mr. Winter is quickly on it's way) and tubing at my parent's house on the lake!! They just got this new tube that is like a big couch...ha ha! Just chill and ride!

 This is a quick pic from today...ran out for an early lunch and got a haircut....went wayyyy short in the back and I love it!!!!!

 Another awesome weekend with family! Hope yours was just as good!!!
Anything exciting happen to you this weekend?!?!?

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  1. Your hair looks cute! I am in desperate need of a hair cut. I really want to chop it off.


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