Monday, June 27, 2022

Heading Home from Nicaragua

So this is day eight and we are finally headed home… it’s been a truly amazing trip and I am definitely ready to be headed home. 

We had to be ready for our chartered bus to pick us up at 5 AM at our hotel. We took that bus from our hotel to the border of Nicaragua where we crossed the border on foot and then got in another chartered bus and road to the Airport in Liberia, Costa Rica.

Here’s the picture of all of us in front of the hotel…
From left to right- Shawne, Dennis, me, Sr. Gupta (hotel owner), Mom and then Jeremy behind her.

Then this picture of Senor Gupta in the door of the hotel as we drove away…

Here are the pictures of the windmills that we get to see on the drive from Nicaragua to Costa Rica…

When we checked in for our flight to fly from Costa Rica to Miami we saw this drug sniffing dog. This is at the gate before you board the plane. They take the drug dog through all the people and all of the carry-on luggage.

The dog came closer and closer and we just kept commenting on how cute he was. But when he got to my mom his bag he stuck his nose in her bag and was rooting around with his nose. She was worried he was trying to eat her boarding pass so she kept trying to grab the boarding pass. The officer with the dog kept telling her no no no. And asking her not to grab her boarding pass. After he had the dog sit he explained the dog notifies him of drugs or cash. My mom had her envelope of cash in her purse and that’s what the dog can smelled and triggered on. It was definitely an amusing moment watching my mom try to fight with a drug dog. Ha ha ha

I knew I was home when I was able to just order a cuppa coffee. The hotel owner made us coffee every morning in his coffee pot. It was delicious but it was a mix of herbs and coffee… That’s how many people drink it there. I have to say I really missed plain black coffee. This was my favorite treat in the airport!

We had a flight from Miami to Pittsburgh that was scheduled for 7:30 PM. Keeping in line with all the delays recently in the airline travel… First it was delayed till 8 PM, then it was delayed until 8:30 PM, then it was delayed until 9 PM, then it was delayed till 9:30 PM. After the 9:30 PM delay they explained the reason it kept getting delayed was a crew shortage. Finally we took off around 9:30 and got home around 12:30 AM. Mom spent the night and then drove home around 7 AM the next morning.

It is so great to be home and just beginning to get unpacked. I cannot wait to do some laundry and put everything in its place. I love a good vacation but it also feels so amazing to come home!

They won’t admit it but I think the cats really missed me too! They’re going to be getting lots and lots of snuggles over the next couple days!

Hugs to you all I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as I did! If nothing else please know how very very blessed we are to have everything we need… Maybe not everything we want but definitely everything we need!


  1. Welcome back! -christine

    1. Thank you so much Christine!!! It's good to be home! Have a great week - HUGS

  2. I am sure it feels good to be home - but thank you for taking the trip.

    1. I hope we even had a small impact! I will definitely think of all those we meet daily as they are in my prayers for safety and a better life. Have a great week!

  3. What a fun trip indeed. Then the coffee you love was the cherry on top.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

    1. Thank you as always for hosting the blog hop!! I have met so many new bloggers there and it is so fun to make new friends and follow new bloggers!! Have a great week Sandee!!

  4. Replies
    1. Right?!? The funniest part is she did not hear the police telling her to stop touching the dog so she was making the police VERY angry! Once he realized she did not hear he calmed down a little and explained why the dog was digging out her cash...LOL! Good to know though - never have cash exposed and the dog will walk right past...LOL! Have a great day!


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