Sunday, June 12, 2022

Day 4- Sunday Funday - Boat trip

Day 4 in Nicaragua is what we all decided to call Sunday Funday!! We had the entire day off and we were able to sightsee and enjoy a day out and about in Nicaragua. We all decided together we would take a boat ride to what is termed monkey Island on Nicaragua lake in the afternoon and then in the evening we would go see the active volcano that is in Masaya.

Here is the boat that we traveled on.

Enjoy the trip introduction provided by Edwardo…

The locals bring their horses down here to bathe and eat and drink. Hear the locals use horses just like the Amish. They use them to pull buggy carts down the roads.  See the cute little baby in the center of this picture?

This is the view from inside the boat across the lake when we first started on our boat ride.

Many wealthy people have homes in this area. There are many little miniature islands on this lake. The owner of Toyota is one example. They built a huge home on one of these islands.

Here’s one of the monkeys a monkey Island. There are used to be six. They are now down to three. It is thought that the monkeys were put there because people grew tired of their pets. A local story is that when the volcano exploded the last time the monkeys ran to this island but in the end almost everyone believes somebody had the monkeys as a pet and just left them there.

See the monkey in the tree? You can bring the boat right up to the island and feed the monkeys fruits. We heard many many stories of this going a bad way. There are stories of people being bit and fights with the monkeys so we decided to keep a safe distance and stay in our boat right beside the island. 

Two of the monkeys playing on the rocks. They wouldn’t come close to us because we did not feed them.

We saw this cow on the side of one of the islands and then we noticed something swimming in the water. Do you see it? We think that the things swimming in the water was getting ready to ambush the cow until we pulled up… Kind of crazy we wanted to get a closer look at the cow and we ended up finding an alligator. We heard stories that they were alligators in the waters but very rarely do you get to see one. Again everyone thinks these are pets that got abandoned in the water. It is said that there are maybe three or four in the whole lake.

Here is a video of the alligator…

Just another view of the lake. Just for information… People do swim in this lake, the locals that is. They also fish here and wash their clothes here. They also dump their outhouse here. All of these local lakes are used for ALL uses. It’s kind of a multi functional way to put everything in the water… It is not suggested that non-locals swim there… Lol. It is honestly really hard to believe that not more people are sick here due to the way they live daily.

here’s a picture of our whole crew before we got off the boat.

Sunday fun day started off great and it was about to get even better. We ended up going to lunch after the boat ride.

We ate lunch at a place that everyone we’ve talked was so far had recommended called Pita Pita. It is a delicious Mediterranean restaurant and it is safe for Americans to drink the water there. The food was absolutely phenomenal!

I hope everyone is happy and well and having a fantastic week! Hugs to you all!

Part 2 coming soon!!!


  1. I'd pass on swimming there lol

    1. Right?!?!?! Same here Julie!! Never would I stick a toe in!! LOL! HUGS

  2. I am glad you got a day off. A healthy happy day off.

    1. Yes, it was a well appreciated day off! Thoroughly enjoyed! HUGS

  3. Such beauty! The gator looks like a big one! The bacteria levels much be high in the lake. Yikes!!

    1. I said the same thing Terri! Very large gator!! Crazy to see one in the real world!!! I only saw one at the zoo!! LOL


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