Sunday, June 12, 2022

Day 3 Nicaragua

Hola!!! Day 3…Nicaragua….today we went to a small village outside of Nicaragua and ran a health clinic. We took vitals and gave out medications to help the local residents. We also gave all the children stuffed animals and candy!!

Seriously…how cute!!!!!

We made a home visit to a gentleman that has recently become a widow and has been feeling sick. This is the gated entrance to his home. Almost everyone that has a home has barbed wire and a large gate around it. 

This is just a view looking down the street in his neighborhood.

This is a view looking up the street.

As a thank you for the home visit; the gentleman’s daughter made everyone an amazing fruit salad cup using the fruits from their yard. You can see my mom holding hers in the picture below. It was delicious!

We stopped at the store again and replenished our supply of candy, toys and medicine!

Then we returned to Seeds of Hope and each one of us took a turn and talked to the kids about why we wanted to be a nurse and how they should work hard in life and they can be whatever they choose to be. This is how we found the kids when we arrived…lol!!!

As you can see here, my mom went first…

Here’s a closer view…

And then I went ( don’t have a picture of me) and then Jeremy … he is in my nursing class.

And then Mr. Collins went. And the Shawne went.

We also demonstrated basic first aid and what to to help if you ever see an accident or injury in public. The kids enjoyed listening to Shawne’s heart with the stethoscope.

Afterwards we returned to the hotel and realized that the babies had left the pot nest…here is Jeremy sitting next to one of the newly fledged babies (see him on the window ledge)?

Closer view…

In the evening we went for a nightcap at Q’tal. The others, mom included, wanted to try the local rum called Flor de Cana. They all had a shot and beer…I had tea!! Lol

Here’s the cheers…

We watched as this dog waited patiently for any scraps. Animals without owners are ALL over Nicaragua. It is heartbreaking…very hungry dogs and cats. Also cows and horses are tied to the roadside and sometimes just left wandering to survive on their own. Some children too.

She slipped him a little something when she was finished…melted my heart!!

For dinner we ate at Pan De Vita in Granada. The restaurant was just a few blocks down from our hotel and we heard they had filtered water so it was safe for Americans to drink. The food was delicious!! When we first arrived we saw a couple at a table next to us getting their food. It looked delicious so we politely asked what they were eating. We ended up chatting with them and found out they were from McKeesport, PA which is a suburb of Pittsburgh! Turns out they were neighbors with us all until they retired and they now live full time in Nicaragua. Meet Barb and Ralph!!! Such a small world!! This picture around the table starting in the front…my teacher in the brown shirt, mom, me, Ralph, Barb, Jeremy, and Shawne.

I hope you all are shaving a phenomenal week! Sending so many hugs and so much love!!


  1. I suspect this trip will stay with you forever. Thank you, on behalf of those you are helping.

    1. Thank you so very much! I hope we are having some small impact! HUGS

  2. Such a small world! I'd be wanting to take home all the animals (and kids)

    1. The animals are tearing my heart out daily!! It really is hard to see when it is not what you are used to.

  3. How fun to meet up with former 'neighbors'!! I love what you are doing with the kids and the elderly, especially. Thanks for taking us along! xo

    1. Thank you Terri!! Hope all is well!! Sending so many hugs! It really is such a crazy small world!


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