Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Day 7 Morning Nicaragua - El Varillal

Today is our last clinic day. Tomorrow we will be boarding a bus at 5am to begin our travels back to the USA.

This area we are in today is called El Varillal. It rained the entire drive to this church. It was pouring down rain all morning during a clinic so thank goodness this church had a sturdy roof! Here is a few people in our crew getting the clinic set up. 

Here is a little tour of the location…

I have a couple great videos that I will upload next week that I actually show us driving in the rain and you can hear the rain pouring. The last two days it just poured nonstop in Nicaragua.

Even though it was raining really really hard we still had a lot of people that showed up for a clinic. Here’s a whole group of construction workers that all came for consultations.

This is just a shot of the yard outside of where we held our clinic.

Behind the logs below is the location of the bathroom.

Yet another stray dog visiting the clinic.

Here is some people attending the clinic…

One of the translators the mission uses is Blanca. She knew of a woman who had two sick children and no medicine. We made sure to give her medicine and toys to take back with them so the next day she came back and gave us this picture. She said the woman was very grateful for the medicine and the children enjoyed the toys!  Soooo cute!!!!

OK! This horribly frightening creature is called a whip scorpion. Horrifying right???? Apparently they are common in Nicaragua!!! The boys actually found one of these in the restroom by the pool at our hotel. Obviously they screamed pretty hard when they saw it hiding behind the trashcan. The owner of the hotel came and told them it was just a grasshopper. They were terrified but dying laughing when they told me - I’m sorry but it looks nothing like a grasshopper. I completely 100% agree it is not a grasshopper! The kicker is I asked them if they killed it and they said no. So this thing was still roaming around the hotel grounds… ICK and UGG! I am super happy it’s our last day! 

That thing is the thing of nightmares!

Well, sending lots of hugs and I hope everyone is doing fantastic!

Part 2 coming soon!!!!


  1. Nasty looking bug, but thank the Lord for all of you volunteers who were there helping so many people! xo

    1. Seriously! The bug was sooo horrifying...I dreamed about it that night - UGH!!!


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