Sunday, June 12, 2022

Day 2 Nicaragua

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having an amazing week! I just wanted to give you a rundown of our Day Two in Nicaragua. Today is Friday and we will be going to a small town called Niquinonomo, in the morning, to provide medical care to the underprivileged in that area.

This is the setup we had for the day. This is a small church in Nicaragua. There is a roof on half of the outdoor church and the rest is uncovered. We had a table taking vitals and a table asking what issues the person was currently experiencing. Then the pharmacy table would give the patient the medications they needed.
In this photo they are setting up the pharmacy. Left to right is Laura Stockton (Straight Street Nicaragua), Dennis (my professor), Shawne (fellow student), and Jeremy (fellow student).

Two lovely “pharmacists” my mother and Laura…

Angel (employee of Straight Street) and Dennis Collins (my professor)…

A group photo in front of the Niquinonomo sign in town…

We all wanted to exchange some American money for Nicaraguan cordobas. The exchange rate here is 35 cordoba is equal one American dollar. Angel, the gentleman that works for Street Street in Nicaragua, has a brother who is a exchanger on the street. So we drove through in our van and his brother ran up to the back of the van and we began exchanging monies.  Imagine that job… Holding a huge wad of cash and exchanging money on the street. It’s very dangerous and many of the exchangers have actually been shot and robbed. Angel is in the blue in the van and his brother is in the Blue Jays jacket.

He let Shawne hold his wad of cash… According to Angel this could be over $5000 in his hand.

This is a view from inside the mission. Everybody’s house is partially outside so when it rains it rains right into the middle of your home and there’s a big drain in the bottom. The Mission has this beautiful fountain in the middle as well. As you can see there’s barbed wire around the homes to keep everybody safe from people breaking in.

 We made a stop at the pharmacy to buy a whole bunch of medication with our donated money. Most of us had monies donated from family and friends… We have been able to provide a lot of much-needed medication to the people in this area. This is the pharmacist with Jeremy… He thought it would be fun for Jeremy to hold the turtle. Lol

One of my wonderful best friends Mariela requested that her donated money be sent only on the children. This is our first children run. We bought lots of candy and toys for the kids. With the amount of money she gave us we will be able to do one of these runs each day before we go to these towns.

In the afternoon after the clinic we had lunch at the mission and then we went back to a school called seeds of hope. The school was put into place to help troubled children. It’s kids who had some kind of an issue with school. Many times it’s because their parents cannot afford uniforms. When the children go to public schools here they have to wear a uniform… If your parents cannot afford a uniform you are sent home. So this whole does not only cover children that have behavior issues it’s more than likely they just have issues purchasing a uniform or adhering to the rules of the public school. These kids are amazing! We had a blast with them!

Our role was to demonstrate first aid and what to do if they see an accident on the street.

The little boy in the white shirt looking back in this picture reminded my mother and I both so much of my nephew Brody. He was so happy and fun and smiling all the time!

In the blue shirt in the front of the classroom is Blanca. She works with Straight Street Nicaragua along with Angel. She is a translator… She is what allows us to talk with the children. She is a fantastic person as well!

This is the children and Angel demonstrating back what they learned today. They were pretending this little boy was in an accident and was bleeding on the road.

These children were putting a tourniquet on his leg to show what to do in the event of an accident. It was a great teach back of everything that we had taught them in this lesson today.

These adorable little birdies were outside of our door. Mom came and fed them constantly the day that we moved in. They appeared ready to takeoff soon…

Angel taught us all about this fish. Apparently they catch them in a local lake. They are huge… some as large as people! They are called sabalo and they have a dark fleshy meat.

That’s my day to recap! It’s been eventful and I am realizing more and more every our how truly blessed we are in the United States of America.


  1. What a great experience you are having.

    1. It really was amazing Wendy and so hard to explain but it is something I will ever forget! HUGS

  2. Yes to how blessed we are. Too many people don't understand that! Thanks for sharing day 2 with us!!

    1. It really hits home when you see how everyone here lives Terri! We are soooooo blessed!!! HUGS

  3. Super personally rewarding I hope. What a great project when most of us feel we can do so little.

    1. It felt super rewarding at the time but in reflection, all we really did was give them medications to last a few weeks and then, sadly, they will be right back where they were. I hope we at least gave them some smiles and hope?? I guess at least we tried? HUGS

  4. Such a great experience for you and to be with your mom too!

    1. Yes Julie - I am feeling so blessed that she decided to come with me!! Hugs

  5. What an interesting trip. Very cool.

    1. Hi Patrick!! Yes, the entire trip really was pretty amazing! HUGS


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