Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy turkey day bloggy peeps! I wish you all a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day!

This is my Facebook selfie of my healthy ROADTRIP food. I drove from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg yesterday to get here to my sisters house. Drove like a maniac as I was so excited to see my family!!

This was my First and Real ROADTRIP treat...I are the WHOLE thing!! Scary...gotta make it to the gym as I know I am no testing very healthy already hee hee!
This is the traffic...ick! For about twenty minutes I sat completely still on the turnpike...lots and lots of people traveling on Wednesday! I still made good time though and got to Harrisburg in 3 hours!
Last night my two adorable nieces, Jordan and Jessica, and I went to see Catching Fire finally!! YO-SHOUT OUT JOJO!! (She actually reads my blog-awwww).

It was amazing!!
I cannot say enough how awesome it was and now I am going to re-read all three books in anticipation of the third movie! Yippee!
This morning my niece Jordan (hey, look! Another shoutout JoJo!!) and I went to Body Combat at her gym called Momentum! It rocked-I loved it! Also, we now know if anyone gets out go hand at Thanksgiving dinner today, my and Jordan are ready for them!!! Ha!
This is a lovely turkey butt picture I posted on Facebook today for the fun if it...looks gross now but this is my favorite part of thanksgiving meal!!!! Well, not the butt but you know! Hee!
Seriously, Happy Thanksgiving to you all! May you spend your day with those you love! Thanks for all the inspiration and motivation each and every one of you gives me throughout the year! Happy and blessed day to you and yours! XO



  1. Happy Be-lated Thanksgiving, looks like a great time :)

  2. Dude, did you post a chicken's OPENING on here!? I can't stop laughing enough to comment on anything else!!!


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