Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Honda Rocks!!!!

Awesome Honda!! I got this letter in the mail the other day...I knew my car had weird white circles on the roof and it is only five years old. I took it into the dealership and they showed me more paint issues I had not even seen!

When it was all said and done I am getting my roof, hood, and both front fenders repainted....yippee!! It will be like new again! Honda is also getting me a rental car for three days to have this done as I have no family near here to lend me a car. Seriously, thank you Honda...they do not normally do this but it is sooo helpful!! Here are photos of the icky paint!


I took "my baby" to the shop this morning and got my rental car there. I am having the work done by Kilkeary's Auto Body. They were recommended by my dealership and my family has had a lot of work done there and they are great! Sooo excited to see my baby's new paint job in a few days!!!

My rental car is from Enterprise and is a lovely BRIGHT blue Chevy Forte.  It is an okay car so far having only driven it to work on the highway.  There is NO pickup at all though...very sluggish!! It have a shifter that will let me shift into manual transmission so I am going to try it on the way home...I am used to stick so the transmission is just KILLING me!! I do however love that I can still use a USB port for my iPod and I have heated seats...they ROCK especially since we got our first snow day here in PA this am!

Below is the Forte!

Here is a photo of the lovely snow that we awoke to this morning in Pittsburgh, PA...

I hope you all have a lovely week!!!!!

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  1. That's a cute little car! Sucks it doesn't have power though.

    The snow is pretty but I'm glad I don't live in it. Brrr


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