Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Men = Wackadoo

ALRIGHT! Seriously!!!! (Yes, that is me and my confused face?!?!?!)

I soooooooooo need a class or a FEW classes on understanding men!!!

I always hear that women are so hard to understand and I swear men are just nuts, crazy, wackadoo, etc.

Two recent stories....

First off went out a few weeks ago with a great guy that I am distantly friends with.  We hang out in the same circles and so I know him enough to know he is a lawyer, very quiet and reserved and all around pretty decent and sweet guy.  So we go out to dinner. It was great or at least I thought so.
He texts a few times after and then a few calls and then nothing.  Two weeks go by and with no word and he sees me out somewhere two nights ago and all the sudden he is like "Where have you been?"  Like totally serious and all.  Really?!?!? Since when does the woman call the man? Call me old fashioned but you quit calling there is no way I am calling you to find out why - goodbye!  I just said "Seriously, that's really funny" and walked away.

Second one...remember this guy???? I really like him a lot and ended up walking away because he had no time for a relationship in his life.  I am not so sure that that has changed but....

I bumped into him (M) a few days ago and now he keeps texting me about how great I looked and how we need to go out again. So, I kind of made it clear that I do not plan on getting hurt again and we have to see how this progresses.  Not sure what to do yet but I really love being around him and we have been friends FOREVER!!! Also, he is one person that could actually take care of me and we could have a 50/50 relationship instead of me always being the care taker.....soooooo confused....time will tell.  Last text from last night "I will start with cards and flowers and we can see where it goes from there"....holding my breath for those flowers today.....- NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!  I would not be surprised AT ALL if I don't hear from the him again for 6 more months...would not surprise me in the least!!!!

ANYWAY...all of that to say....what is wrong with these guys!?!?!?!?!??!  I am ONE HELL OF A CATCH if I must say so myself!! Sure, I could lose more weight...I am working on that....but other then that no issues!!  I am self sufficient, great job, classy, nice person, very giving and loyal.....oh my word!  Enough of my own horn....time will tell - as of now - 

I think men are NUTS!!!!! 

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  1. Maybe that's it, you have your shit together and you don't need someone to take care of you?


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