Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Prep

As you may or may not know...

My family takes their cookie baking very seriously!  It is a yearly tradition at Thanksgiving now.  We go to my sisters house and then day after (sometimes Thanksgiving Day night) we begin our baking extravaganza!!!  I swear we make more and more each year!

We used to keep the little ones busy doing other things so they did not get in the way but now they love to help! We let them unwrap the kisses and peanut butter cups, crush the candy canes, ice the sugar cookies, etc.  So, all in all, we have about 17 people mixing, unwrapping baking, is awesome chaos!!!  Thank goodness my sister has a big house and two ovens!!

Below is a picture of the cookie table near the end of the baking...I think we still had two kinds added to this collection after the picture.  This picture also does not include the buckeyes, coconut dippers and chocolate dipped Oreo's as the dipped cookies were at another table in the kitchen!  Lots of baking but lots of awesome cookie trays for friends!!!  We split them all up at the end and share!! :-)

This is an advent calendar that my niece and I saw at AC Moore and decided to make as a little project together.  It was like $10 dollars for the unpainted wooden tree (half off coupon for black Friday) and then we just painted them and decorated with stickers! They turned out soooooooo cute!!  Each drawer has Rolos in it for a daily treat (I haven't eaten any yet - ha) and there is a holly rancher hidden in two nieces loaded the drawers for me! HEE

This is my new favorite motto!!! LOVE THIS!!!! I stole it from another blogger friend and I cannot remember who - so if it was you, THANKS!

Tonight I get to hobnob with the rich and famous!!! My friend at work does a lot of volunteer work for Cystic Fibrosis and they are having a fundraiser tonight and she has invited me to go along.  It is at a restaurant in Pittsburgh (I will not say where as I am not sure if this is a publicized thing and would not want to tempt anyone to sneak in - HEE).  I will get to take a football around to be signed by at least 15 of the Pittsburgh Steelers!!! Yes, you heard me right!!! The football and admission were $200 and since my friend will be doing volunteer work I get to take her football around to the players - SCORE ME!!!  I may not be allowed to get photos but I will at least get pics of the football with the names before I have to hand it back over to her.  Pics to follow tomorrow.

Have a happy rest of your week bloggy friends!!


  1. That cooking party sounds AWESOME! I'd totally love to do something like that with family! And look at all the goods, yum!
    Love that motto!
    And it looks like the fundraiser was amazing! So lucky to experience that :)

  2. That's a lot of cookies! My girls have mostly taken over the cookie making here because I don't even want to have the temptation so I drag my feet on making them lol


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