Monday, November 25, 2013

Eventful Weekend

I am ready for Monday!

This weekend was crazy hectic trying to get a bunch of things done and the only thing that got left out was changing the water in the fish tanks so I guess that will happen after work today.

It was a SERIOUSLY productive weekend!

I got the whole condo decorated for Christmas so when I come home from my sisters after Thanksgiving I can just plug in the lights and enjoy for four weeks!!!

Saturday morning I went to Cardio HipHop and then went and picked out my Christmas Tree at Lowe's.  Here is me with it in my Civic for the drive home....

Then I went home, drug it up the steps to the Condo, secured it into the stand (by far the hardest part)  and decorated it.  Below is the completed version...lit and all!!! My favorite part of holiday decorating is getting out each ornament and remembering who or where it is from...LOVE this!!!

Next I went to a meeting at 7:30 and was going to the movies after that with myself to see Catching Fire - since I cant wait to see this movie!!!!!!!! Well, after the meeting was over I came out of the building to two inches of snow and very slippery roads.  I was stuck on the highway for about an hour until the roads were salted and clear enough to drive on so needless to say I went straight home after that...not a fun Saturday night!

Sunday morning I went to Cardio HipHop and then home to enjoy my decor some more.  Here is the rest of the condo decorated...

Sunday night I went to BodyPump at 5:30 and then Zumba 6:30 at StudioFit.

After that I went to my brother's friends house to pick up some clothes for his kids that are hand me downs from his friends kids...catch that?? I will deliver these Thanksgiving weekend to my brother.

Then I went to my home group meeting at 8:00PM and finally to bed......soooooooooooo sleepy!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!!! Anyone else decorate this weekend???

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