Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday

Hi all!!! I am sooooooooooo happy it's Friday - literally doing the happy dance here in PA!!!

It has been a looooooong week and I am ready for a fun and eventful weekend!!!

Link up and play along at April or Christina's because it is time for Five on Friday!!

ONE:  I LOVE my company!!!  I got a little appreciation $$$ at my happy!!!  Got a little unexpected raise of a sorts!! It is so nice to be acknowledged and appreciated without having to beg for it!! So, I treated myself to my first pedicure in a long time. This is my actual photo from Facebook!

TWO:  Because of the unexpected monies I am also treating myself to a 90 minute deep tissue massage tomorrow morning! I scheduled the first available appointment (so his hands are fresh and rested) with Adam at Spa in the Hollow!!!  I have not gone in a looooooooong time and with all this working out I am long over due!!!

THREE:  I am soooo excited to get my Christmas Tree this weekend!!!! I know many people think this is too early but I love the smell and sight sooo much in my home that I cannot wait.  I also know that, now days, everyone is into a plastic reusable tree but I just cannot handle that...I HAVE to have a real tree (spiders, sap and all). So I will be heading off to Home Depot to check out their selection!!! Yippee!!! PS - My favorite thing about Christmas decorating is getting out all my ornaments and remembering who gave them to me or made them for me...LOVE LOVE LOVE my ornaments!!!

FOUR:  I am using this weekend home to also catch up on all my TV viewing that I missed all week.  I need to watch Two Broke Girls, Mom, The Millers, Mike and Molly, Survivor, Biggest Loser. Grimm and - that is a lot of television catching up when you see it all typed out! I have been doing so good sticking to my gym routine at night so by the time I get home its already 9 or 10 and I hit the shower and then bed.

FIVE:  I ate my very favorite thing last night - FRIED PICKLES!! Yes, you heard me right! I know, number two was sticking to my gym routine and number three is fried food! HA! Yesterday was my day off from the gym this week (I take one a week) and I went to dinner with two of my very best girlfriends at Pennsbury Pub and Grille. They have the ultimate in awesome bar food so I could not resist!!! If you are in the area of the Pittsburgh Airport you should check it out!  I ate a blue cheese burger and fried pickles!!!!!!!!! YUM YUM YUM!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!! Hope yinz all have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!


  1. eeeee! i'm so excited to get our tree soon too! the smell of the christmas tree lot...and of your home when you come in with a real tree! nothing beats it!! xx

  2. Congrats on the raise!! What do you dip the pickles in?


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