Friday, November 15, 2013

Ipsy Treats

 So like I said in previous posts ipsy is by far my favorite of my subscription boxes!!!

Wait till you see what came this month!!! Again, this is only $10 bucks a month and it is like a little gift to myself every month!!!

First, don't you just love this adorable glitzy padded mailer they use each month?!?!?

Here is what is inside the glitzy envelope!!!!

This is everything laid out...

First this adorable little makeup bag!!! Every month your stuff is packaged in one of these; each month it is different - love these for carry on makeup bage, little gym purses, etc.  FUN FUN

This is a FULL size sample of mascara!!!!! SERIOUSLY, full size  sample of Michelle Phan!!!

This is a pretty decent size of a face mask sample...will definitely be at least two applications!!!

This is full size sample of Pixi bronzing powder....awesome!!!!!!

Full size sample of eyeliner in this awesome lavender glitter color!!! Wore it to work today and I LOVE it!!!!!!

Full size bottle of Nailtini nail polish in a really awesome color!!! Can't wait to try this!!!!

And last but not least, full size (I rolled it out so you could see how much is here) sample of Be a Bombshell lipstain.  I am not sure if I will be able to use this as it is really red but, if not, you can be sure I will find someone who will!

 If you like these boxes as much as me you reallly need to try ipsy!!!!!!

It is BY FAR my favorite and is sooooooooo worth the measly $10 a month for this much joy!!!!!

Have a happy weekend ya'll!!!!!!!!!


  1. EEEKKKK that looks like sooo much fun! I need to do this :)

  2. I hear about these all the time, that's not bad for $10!


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