Thursday, November 21, 2013

Workout Week

I have to report in and say that this has been a great week for workouts...

Maybe the MAN stress has had something to do with it...hee!!

My workouts have rocked all week and I am looking forward to a night off tonight (dinner with girlfriends) and my massage with Adam on Saturday morning.  I got his first appointment of the day hoping his hands will be extra massagey (I know its not a word, it should be!)  Adam works at Spa in the Hollow near my house and he is the best Masseuse on the planet!!! It is 90 minutes of heaven on earth!!!

Here's the rundown so far this week...

Sunday HipHop         636 calories burned
SundayBodyPump     311 calories burned

Monday BodyPump    279 calories burned
Monday HipHop        598 calories burned

Tuesday HipHop         614 calories burned
Tuesday Zumba          469 calories burned

Wednesday BodyPump  284 calories burned
Wednesday Zumba         525 calories burned

Thursday - OFF!!!!!!

These numbers are from my BodyMedia wristband...I think the BodyPump numbers are low but even if they are correct; it is a serious hour of repetitive lifting and toning so I'll take it!

My calories per day have also been great all week (staying between 1200 and 1400) and I am on track to end this week strong!!! How many calories to each of you allow per day total....I have had a few people tell me that I am not eating enough for the amount I exercise and I am losing very slowly - but at least I am losing!

Happy Thursday yinz!

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