Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stridebox November Subscription Box

Here is the loot that was in my November Stridebox! Like I said in my previous post; this is my favorite of all the subscription boxes I have tried so far! It is always great stuff and alot of new fun things to try.

Here is the box...

This is the contents list. It gives you the cost of the products you are sampling and a short description of each product...

Here is the Protein a $1.00 off coupon!

Here are some Energems...this is a BIG box to sample! I am taking these to Kristy's classes next week! hee hee

TWO packs of Smarty Pants - these are chewy vitamins - each pack contains one day supply of multivitamin, Omega 3 and vitamin D

An energy and restore powder to mix into water...This will come with me tonight to my work out!

This looks a little is a Turkey, almond, cranberry protein bar....sounds a little odd but I will let you know. It is also a HUGE I hope it is good! Maybe I will eat for dinner one day this week ?!

Then we have some lip gloss and lip salve...BIG samples also!! The gingerbread lip gloss smells amazing!!!!

And finally, this cool little gummy hook it to your finger or a bag, etc. for running when it may be dusk or darker out...hit the light once and it flashes constant, hit it again and it flashes slowly in different colors...this is awesome!!!!! I LOVE it!! And also included in the bottom of my box were two cute little stickers that say Keep Calm and Run On!!!

This all was $10 (including shipping).  

Like I stated; this is my favorite most months but I will post the others as they come in the mail this month and you can see what I get from each and decide for yourselves.

Do you have any subscription boxes that you love?!?! Let me in on your secret - I love sending myself presents!!! 

 Have a great week y'inz!!!!

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  1. I just saw a link to those bars not that long ago. Did you try it?


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