Thursday, August 23, 2018

Thinking out Loud and Thankful Thursday

Today I am joining in with Penny for Thinking out Loud Thursday HERE and Rebecca Jo, at Knit By God's Hand, for Thankful Thursday HERE. Please link up and join us today!!!

I am really excited to meet new bloggers and read everyone's posts.

As I got ready for work I was thinking out loud and said to myself "no more snacking after 6PM" is where that thought came from.

I am working hard at losing weight due to my knee issues and I do great all day! I eat a muffin or oatmeal for breakfast and then plain tuna fish and different veggies for lunch and a healthy dinner. I also added a few healthy cold presses juices to my day at the recommendation of a friend. We have a juice bar near my barre class so I went and checked it out. It is kind of pricey but I decided my health is worth it. So I spent to extra cash for the juices and I do great ALL day!!!

My issue is after I get home from visiting my friend and doing barre I start snacking like crazy. In my head, I justify it by saying "I worked out today", etc. but it is defeating everything I am doing ALL DAY!

So...all of this is to food after 6PM AT ALL!! Anyone else turn into a gremlin and eat the cupboards bare after midnight?  I will let you know how that turns out! LOL!!!

Anyway...onto the juices!!!! THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST...I just wanted to share this with you in case you wondered what the heck it was like I did!

We have a cold-pressed juice store right next to my Pure Barre class in Peters Township called Fresh From the Farm Juices.  

I stopped in last week and talked a little with the cashier after hearing how much my friend liked their juices. They let you taste test any juices you want and after trying almost everything in the store I decided to try a few different ones. Here is my collection in the refrigerator. They are good for ten days after they have been pressed. The large bottles are $6.50 each and the wheat grass shot (pictured in the front) is $4.50. Not too too bad for pricing for fresh veggies! It says that every bottle has the nutrients of at least 2 pounds of fresh, organic ingredients. You can read about this process HERE.

This is one of my top two favorites The Healer... it tastes soooo good!!! Sorry for the dim picture from inside my fridge!! HA!! It has kale, pear, ginger and wheat grass. All larger juices are around 110 calories.
My second favorite is Limey has spinach, kale, apple, carrot, lime and cilantro. So yummy!! I should also note that if you buy ten bottles, they give you 10% off so the total was really not that horrible.
If you were wondering what a juice bar is all about - check it out! I loved it and hopefully I will start feeling the benefits of drinking two pounds of veggies everyday!!! and PS - no more food and snacking after 6PM!! 

1 more PS (since it snuck it's way into the left side of a few fridge pictures) this Beach Plum Jam is the best!!! It is tart and soooo yummy! My sister recommended it at the beach this year and I am going to have to find it online! It is so delish if you like a tart and not so sweet jam!!! You are welcome!! HA!
Apparently there is way more on my mind than I thought there was when I started this post!!! LOL!!! Thanks for hosting Penny! I hope everyone has a great rest of their week!!

Today I am thankful for my wonderful and supportive family and my adorable furry babies! My babies are always there for me just waiting to love me and support me when I get home! Whether I had a good or bad day, they are always there!!!!  I could not imagine coming home to an empty house! They all run to say hi as soon as I come home...they are what I am truly thankful for today! Here is a rare picture of them all's catnip here here! LOL!

Do you prefer jam or jelly? Every juiced or been to a juice bar before? Ever do a wheat grass shot?
Anyone else turn into a gremlin and eat the cupboards bare after midnight?


  1. I am THE WORST after 5pm & eating. I honestly do so amazingly good all day long & then its like the wolves go ravenous inside of my belly once the clock hits 5. It's kinda crazy actually!!!!

    1. That is exactly what I am talking about!!! Same thing here!! I just don't understand why!!! LOL!!! Thanks for at least letting me know that I am not alone in this thing! Tonight I am going to say to myself - "STOP' - I;ll let you know if it works! HA

  2. I definitely have trouble in the evening. I'm really bad for snacking while watching TV. I'm hoping that since I've started crocheting again, maybe I won't snack so much.

    1. Hi Cathy! That's a great idea! Maybe what I need is to start doing cross-stitch again...wonder if the cats will be able to refrain from attacking my thread (that is why I quit the last time!) LOL!!! Worth a try!!! Thanks!

  3. No juice bar and I'm not into slushies either but lots of folks love them - you included! Love your cats! We only have three now, but I agree with you about how they fill our homes and hearts!!

    1. Exactly Terri! I was so happy to read that your knees are doing well!


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