Friday, August 24, 2018


This weekend I get to stay at Pittsburgh...yippee!!!

Today I am joining all the fun parties below...
  I get family is very close and we try to get together often. Also, my parents live on a lake so where else would we want to be in the summer on the weekends?!?! I do not mind traveling every weekend. Since I am the sibling without a husband or kids; I usually travel to them and not the other way around. The only exception to this is Pittsburgh's Great Race weekend and then they all come to me!!! Yippee!!  But it is going to be SO NICE to stay home this weekend!!! My sister gave my parents and myself tickets to the pre-season home games for the Steelers!! You can bet your bottom dollar I will be there with bells on!

So...lets get into the 5 things I plan to do this weekend!!!!

ONE:  We are having a glow party at barre class! I am so excited! We are supposed to wear bright colors and white so I think my outfit will be perfect!! I will definitely post about it!!

TWO:  Make sure I get to my home group Friday night! This is the AA meeting that I try to make every week. Pretty much everyone there knows me and if I stop coming around (which is usually not a good sign in recovery) hopefully people would call me and question my absence...that's pretty much how it works!! 

THREE:  Steelers game on Saturday!!! Can not wait!! Time with my parents and the Steelers fans!!! Only regret is that my sister can not make it with us!!

FOUR:  Spend time with my friend as he recovers from a stroke. If you did not see this post you can read about it HERE.  Hopefully we can spend Sunday together and just enjoy each others company. Also, another thanks to everyone that shared their ideas with me! I printed out a lot of worksheets for him to practice math and writing! I appreciate all your prayers and encouragement! HUGS!

FIVE:  Chill on the couch and snuggle my kittens as much as possible!!!! I need chill time so badly...Just to veg out and watch TV!!!

So I have a few fun things for the weekend but mostly hope to relax and enjoy time at home in Pittsburgh for the weekend! I promise lots of pictures and posts if anything turns out to be interesting! 

Anything exciting planned for your weekend? Anyone else a homebody? What do you watch when you want to mindlessly chill?

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