Tuesday, October 13, 2009

weekend update...

Just a quick update from the weekend...
We had the Matthew Brown memorial 5K walk/run this weekend. It was soooo much fun but I forgot my camera...sorry.
They had a chinese auction there and we won...
1. a basket with stuffed animals and two passes to the animal kingdom safari (fun fun)
2. a grocery store gift cert for $25
3. gift cert for 6 months of karate lessons free
Lately, we have been really lucky with raffles, etc. Not sure what that is about but I know Waliacha plays the lottery and he hasn't won that yet - as far as I know!! LOL
I promise pics of SOMETHING tomorrow.
I took a vacation day tomorrow just to chill so I will have to do all kinds of fun stuff and get pics!
Anyone looking for a new recipe for healthy pancakes should try these - I made them this am and they are awesome!!!!! She has quite the entertaining site also...:-)

1 comment:

  1. Great wins! It is so fun to win stuff, isn't it? I am off to check out the pancake recipe!


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