Thursday, October 29, 2009

Top Ten Thursday

Time again for Top Ten Thursday hosted by Sara at Domestically Challenged and three other blogs listed on the button above.

This week (seeing as how it is Halloween and all) I followed suit with Trish at and am posting my Top Ten favorite candies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here we go!!!!!
1. Sweettarts - does not matter if it is Easter and they are shaped like chicks and ducks or just anytime they are just normal circles - LOVE these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Swedish fish - LOVE these - only RED!!!! No green, yellow, orange - only RED and only swedish brank - no generic in this candy!!! Just does not taste the same to me! :_)

3. Reeses peanut butter cups - always a favorite - especially Halloween!! When we were kids my sisters and brother would all steal these from each others candy stash!!!! Or maybe just I did this.... LOL!!! YUM! YUM YUM!!!

4. Mallow pumpkin - these come alone or in the Autumn Harvest mix of candy corn...not a fan of candy corn but I LOVE the pumpkins!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Jelly Bellies!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coconut and Lemon are the best!!!!!!!!!

6. Fun dip - Love it for obvious childish reasons...anything I can play in and then eat is fun!

7. Fireballs
- as apparent in my blog I have lost a few fillings to this candy!!!!!! Still lOve them!

8. Blowpops - any flavor - favorite since Middle school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Sugarfree bazooka- this is what I chew everyday!!! Love this gum and you would NEVER know it is sugarless....throw a little health in there!>>!>!>! LOL

10. 10. 10. And my most favorite chocolate bar - 3 Musketeers!!!!!!! Don;t know why but I could eat these ALL day every day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again - YUM!!!!!!!!!!

So, there you have it! That's my top ten! Make sure to play along I am dying to see every elses!!! And the check out the others responses!

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