Thursday, October 15, 2009

Top Ten Thursday

I am participating in Top Ten Thursday from Domestically Challenged's blog.
I hope I am doing this right...I am a newbie at this!
Okay - so the topic is Top Ten Jobs we are glad we do not have (most of these I or someone I know at one time did this job and it is through experience that I would never want to do it again or AT ALL!!!!!)

10. McDonalds Cashier - used to do this in high school and was let go when my manager said that my drawer was $20 short (meanwhile she was supposed only count it in out presence and I was not there when she "took" the twenty dollars out and pocketed it) - still have a little resentment there LOL!

9. Waitress/Waiter - the most overworked and underappreciated job on the planet - did this one all through college and now I am the world's greatest tipper!!!!!!!!

8. Administrative Assistant - another underappreciated job but at least Admins get National Administrative Assistant day where you can score some pretty nice gifts depending on who you work for!!

7. Podiatrist - I HATE feet!!!!

6. Pedicurist - Again, I HATE feet!!!!

5. Customer Service/Computer Helpdesk (used to do this one) - poor poor people that do this work are constantly bombarded by angry and unhappy people - no sunshine for these employees!!

4. Garbage Collector- I would spend waaaaaaaaaay too much time trying to rescue the racoons (and other rodents) that were trapped in the dumpsters before dumping them into the crushing truck and we would never be able to get the dumpsters emptied in a timely fashion!!!

3. Salesperson - Hate the approach of shady salespeople and pushy salespeople - not a fan of salespeople in general (with the exception of my borther-in-law).

2. Fundraiser - I helped a friend doing this a few months ago and even though it is for a good cause, I still hated how it made me feel like I was begging or getting something for nothing.

1. Roofer - They never in PA they work like one day a week (it is either too rainy, too cold, too dry, too hot, too humid, to much frost, etc). I am venting as this is hubby's current employer!


  1. I'm liking your Top Ten List! Waitress? No way could I do that with a smile on my face. Same goes for the Customer Service job. I'm just NOT pleasant enough to do that ALL DAY LONG! Ha Ha Ha!

  2. You are right. Those are terrible jobs. I worked at a Subway in high school, much like Mickie D's- terrible. Oh, and feet thing? Here you there! Who wants to touch feet all day? Not me!


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