Friday, October 30, 2009

Show us your Life - Halloween Costumes


I am today participating in Kelly's Corner "Show us Your Life - Halloween Costumes!"
I lOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween!!!!! It is definitely one of my favorite holidays - who am I kidding?!?!!??! I go nuts over all the holidays and then cant wait for them to be over to decorate for the next (I am ready to start for Christmas - actually)
Anyway are all the ones I could find on my computer here (at work-LOL)...

This is Waliacha and I last weekend ready for the party that was cancelled due to the hosts having the swine flu! Rescheduled for tonight!!! Annnnd tonight we are adding white face paint and eyes and bigggggggg mouths....I will post the new ones this weekend!

This is the costume that I wore for the first ten halloweens I think! I loved Planet of the Apes and sooooooo wish we saved this costume back then!!!!!!!!!

This is my niece as a monkey last year...

and this is her as big bird last year for something you can see, she would not put the head on at all!!!!!!

Then finally, this is my sister and her twins last year as a ladybug and tiger....Ali was NOT enjoying trick or treating! LOL

I look forward to seeing all your costumes too!!!!!!!!!
Stop by again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Halloween To You All!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Scary Halloween to YOU also!
    Sitting right now in a scary STARBUCKS!

  2. Very cute! Your niece and the twins are adorable! I will be posting pics tomorrow!

  3. CaUTE costumes! Hope you guys had a wonderful day yesterday!!

  4. I love Big Bird:) Even without the head, those striped legs are adorable!

  5. Thing One and Thing Two... clever!


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