Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flowers from my baby and "new to us" furniture

These are my roses from my sweety...

And he also got me this mixed bouquet (I know you are thinking "Wow - she is really spoiled or he is doing something wrong that he feels bad about!!!" but the reality is that there is a street vendor that he walks right past on the weekends when he visits his brother and he buys them on the way by....Still such a nice guy!!!!! I HOPE THAT IS ALL IT IS!!!!! LOL
Below is the new dresser we got from Waliachas brother and sister-in-law! Thanks guys - we really LOVE IT!!! We used to have a old and little on in the guest room and it only had two drawers that worked so this is heavenly!!!

Annnnnd this is the tv we got this weekend also. A friend got a new flat screen and was getting rid of this one so we took it. It worked for two days as (drumroll.....) as of last night will no longer turn on! Ouch!! We just got used to a bigger screen in the bedroom! Waliacha had a tearful memorial service and wake and I think he is STILL trying to do CPR on it but I think it's life is over. Soon, it will be wheeled out to the dumpster....oh was great while it worked!!!!

These are just a few of my pumpkins on the patio - believe me there are wayyyyyy more.....we bought about six and got a few from a friend of a friend that has a farm.....sooooooo next weekend will consist of Friday nights halloweeen party at Mindys house and Saturday nights 2nd annual Pumpkin carving contest! FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!

This sad little pic at the end here is my little baby girl kitten Angelica! She lives up to her name from the rugrats and gets into everything! The other morning I woke up and snuggled each cat like I do every morning and when I snuggled her so smelled really strong like peony. Apparently, in the middle of the night she attempted to get on the top of the TV and when she jumped she knocked the scented oil warmer over onto her whole back! She was smelly and slimy and thank goodness she did not get it in her eyes as I think that would have been horrible pain and definite trip to the vet! I ended up giving her a scrubby bath and got as much as I could so this is her hiding from me and grooming after the bath! Poor baby girl!!!!!!!


  1. You have no IDEA how much I LOVE pictures in a blog post...they say SO much about your whole days. And about family, football, snow, and life in another place!.

    It excited me to 'see' the football field (before game), I almost felt I was THERE...and I shivered with the cold, and the snow. So, I guess you know what *I* think of photos now!


  2. Nice blog!! Get the different varieties of baby furniture that are available in spacify to choose the best one for your baby.


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