Friday, January 30, 2015

Randomness - Five on Friday/Friday Five

 Happy Friday!!!!!!

I love participating in all of the Friday linkups and so I HAVE to give credit to an amazing blogger that I borrowed this collage from!!! I normally link up to each one individually and I saw this on her blog and "borrowed it". So, Jenn, you are amazing and I totally hope it's okay that I borrowed this collage from your blog post today! You rock!!!

So, let's get on with it!! This is the most random five on Friday and Friday Favorites EVER!! LOL!!!

ONE: The other night my furnace started blowing cold air AGAIN!! If you have been a reader for a while you know this happened about 2 years ago also and I was able to Google the issue and find a YouTube video to fix it HERE! LOL! No HVAC man's time was paid for and I saved myself about $300! So, apparently it was time to clean the gas sensor rod again!  Out came the sandpaper and it is again working great! Living alone forces you to either find out how to fix things or go broke paying someone all the time - I am cheap so I choose to learn to fix things!! LOL!!!

TWO:  Since I was already in home maintenance/repair mode, I decided to take all these babies down and change out the filters in them also!

They were way grosser than they even look here! Pretty black with crap...yuck!!!!

They are easy to do since you just buy the filter sheets at Lowe's and cut them down to fit your vent size.  Then you simply tuck them in there (I use a screwdriver) and you are all set! I think they make a difference (especially once you see them after a few months).

THREE: I have been getting to hang out with this man a lot!!! He is so amazing, sweet, handsome and I LOVE being with him! Best guy ever!!! He would not let me post this picture on Facebook because he says he looks like he is looking at a meteor! LOL!!! So, hopefully he does not read my blog!! LOL!!!! I love my look of contentment!!! That is exactly how I feel with him! We have been friends for so long and I just love the person he is on the inside so everything just kinda feels awesome when I am with him! Serenity! We went to dinner at Jackson's last night and had the most amazing filet EVER!!!! Even the bread was sensational!  Then for dessert was shared a chocolate lava cake with ice cream!!! It was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! If you live around Pittsburgh, you have to try this place! You will love it!


FOUR:  I got home last night from dinner and found this...
The crayfish ate his tail and left him swimming (or trying to swim) around! He looked like he was in soooo much pain and I could not let him suffer anymore so I had a mini funeral and flushed him. It was horrible and I could not stop thinking about it all night! I am not putting any other fish in with the crayfish until I find out what he will not eat!!! If any of you have any ideas for me, please share them! The pet store said he could not catch the tetras but he obviously can! OUCH!!!

FIVE:   This was my view of the parking lot this am when I got into work!!! LOL
Me and one other car! i came in early and the snow in Pittsburgh this morning did not help either. Everyone is apparently coming in later! HA! I ned to get out of here early today! My baby M is picking me up at 4PM to go to the gym, then dinner, then a meeting! Loving life right now!!!

I can not wait to go find out everyone's Friday Favs!! Any exciting plans for the weekend?!?! Or just choosing to stay in and chill?

Also, PLEASE let me know if you have any ideas for my fish tank with the crayfish! THANKS in advance!!

Have an awesome weekend ya'll!!!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your fish. A few months ago a blue heron ate all my dad's fish in his pond and he was so upset. Have a wonderful wkend! -L

  2. I have to set a reminder every few months to change that scares me every time!

  3. Awe are you feeling all mushy gushy for that dude? How awesome! Sorry about the tail, little fishy!!!! But isn't that what crayfish do?


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