Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pgh Snowstorm - first one this Winter

Hi bloggy friends!! 

Let me start off by saying that I hope everyone that is being hit by the horrible snow clipper up north is safe and doing well! We got hit in Pennsylvania Sunday night into Monday and will still get a few more inches before it is all said and done. I cannot complain at all though. "Knock on wood" - this has been the mildest Winter in a long time! Until now, we have hardly gotten any snow at all!

I am lucky enough to be allowed to work from home so I did not even attempt to get into the office on Monday. I just worked from home...well, actually the new boyfriend's home.

We knew a lot of snow was coming and were planning on watching the Hockey all stars game and the Football all stars games together on Sunday anyway so we just decided to be pro-active and get snowed in together at his house!! Together with lots of milk, eggs, toilet paper and giant pot of chicken chili! Great plan, right?!?

Here is the snow from his back patio around 10PM.

 And out front...

  This is the back patio when I woke up at about 7AM

 And this is the beautiful back yard the morning when we got up.  I love that his house is in the middle of a ton of woods! It has decks all around it and soooo much nature! It is amazing views all day long!!

The rest are all pictures of the snowfall totals for Monday morning. 

So pretty...

View of the front... There was an issue at my boyfriends company (he owns the company) and they needed him in the office asap so around 1PM we started digging out. He dropped me off at home and then I worked from my own home the rest of the day Monday! It was so pretty everywhere!!!

I got home and could not wait to escape the cold (if even for 20 minutes) so I went to tan!! Whoopie!

Then I got back home and heard that the gym classes were cancelled for the evening due ot slippery and dangerous roads so I shoveled the condo parking lot where I live! LOL! I hate driving over the hump that the snow plow leaves behind our cars. Three hours later I was done and my fitbit was happy!!! I logged 16,000 steps and 7 miles from shoveling! Whoopie!

 Happy Tuesday to everyone! Stay warm and safe out there!

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