Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites/5 on Friday

Today I am jumping in on both 5 on Friday and Friday Favorites!!!

This past week has been absolutely amazing! I had a fantastic weekend last weekend and that rolled into a great week of work full of time spent with my new guy! It has been awesome and I am absolutely thrilled to share with you my five favorite pictures from the past week!

I started dating a really great guy after a horrible breakup (and a relationship that really never was)...he is so sweet and cute and caring and we have been friends forever and I love being with him! Yea me!

Such a cutie?!?!? HUGH?!??!?!

And speaking of was this adorable girl's 8th birthday this past week!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!!!! This is my niece and Godchild and I love her to death! She is beautiful, funny, spirited, loving and one of the lights of my life!!! I cannot believe that she is already 8!!! Slow down with the growing up stuff!!!

I got to spend a weekend of fellowship, fun and relaxation with this awesome woman!!  She never ceases to amaze me with her spunk for life! I love spending time with her and the weekend was just the recharge I needed!!!!! As you can see, we have a lot of fun and many, many mishaps when we hang out together!! We forgot to take the spinach shake off the roof before we left...that's a problem!!! LOL!!


I was introduced to this author!!! If you are looking for a great series to read....with love and are going to read these books! I could not put this one down!! The second on is just as good!!!

And finally...I got this amazing mug from my friend that I am so proud of! She is employed here (it is a big promotion for her) and I know she is doing an amazing job!! It is a great opportunity for her and I know she will kill it!!! She is an amazing person, hard working, motivated to succeed and she truly has the biggest and most giving heart of anyone I know!!! Love her from the bottom of my heart!!!! XO if you are reading this!!!

Well, that is my weekly picture wrap-up!!! I am so excited to go read about everyone's Favorites this week!! Did you ever leave a cup on your roof and just drive off?!?! Please say I am not the only one...I do this often - HA!!!

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