Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday - Friday Five

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

TGIF, am I right?!?!?

I am soooo ready for the weekend! This week has been so crazy that I refuse to even acknowledge it!!!

Moving's Friday! I am again joining the amazing hosts above for their Friday wrap-ups!

Come along - join in also - you will definitely meet some new and really fun bloggers!
Today I am recapping my five favorite pictures from the past week!

ONE:  Went out to dinner with this adorable stud muffin M on Friday night. We had an amazing dinner and amazing talks as always! (I look smitten, don't I?) HA

TWO:   Had this amazing pizza on Sunday night for our Superbowl dinner! It was amazing! It is buffalo chicken pizza from Pizzaz (one of our favorite restaurants)! Just look at that grease! It was awesome! I can not tell you the last time I had pizza and this was worth EVERY calorie!

THREE: Spent some quality time with my adopted furry pets! These are M's puppies! Both are rescue dogs that only have three legs but they are amazing! They have totally adapted and it does not hinder them at all! One is a 3 year old Pitbull and the other is a ten year old Golden Retriever. They are such sweeties and play together for HOURS!

FOUR: My sweetie agreed to play a fun game of Monopoly with me!! Yea!!! I have to beg people in my family to play this game with me!!! I was so happy he agreed without any begging at all! No-one won; we called it a tie when the Superbowl was over. :-)

 FIVE: And finally, no matter how much time I spend with M and away from home; I always love when I return and get to snuggle up with these two sweet babies!!! They will always be my first and favorite loves!!!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!


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  1. Oh I haven't checked in in awhile and you have a new man! <3


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