Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years/Weekending recap

New Years/Weekending recap...

This is my first day OFFICIALLY back to work after the holidays and I cannot even think of what all has gone down! It has been an emotionally charged New Year in sooooo many ways.

Let me try to recap...

Leading up to the New Years, I began dating a really great guy! Like a REALLY great guy! Then he got really sick...long story short he was so sick that I had to twice answer a call in the middle of the night to maybe or maybe not drive him to the hospital. So, really sick. A few days before New Years I double-checked with him that he would feel well enough to go out on New Years. (It is a thing for me, I hate to be alone on New Years!) He said yes...what I now know is that he does not remember this and did not know for sure what I was talking about.

So the day before New Years Eve, I was talking with him and said "So what are we doing, just hanging out? And he says, "I did not know we were doing anything - I have to find out what the kids are doing and be there for them". So I lost it. I had to get off the phone, I burst out crying and was so hurt. So, I just cried and got madder and madder, not even considering that he was in a medicated haze and still felt crappy. I called my sister and went to celebrate with her family in another state for three days.

I texted him and told him that we were done. That he had no consideration and this was not what I wanted - that he has the kids and he obviously does not have time for me at all. Lovely, right? Dramatic, at all? is that no particular order - LOL!!!

 This is a picture of my niece and I banging pots and pans on the front step. Not sure if everyone does this but it is a Pittsburgh tradition....along with the New Years pretzel, and jumping a chair while shaking change in your pocket. Yes, really! I will be interested to hear what your traditions are. Anyway, we were laughing so hard my niece could not stand up! True belly laughs which is what I really needed so badly!!!!!!!

This is my niece and I  watching Pitbull on cable TV!

This is a great game my niece came up with to kill the time until midnight and keep all the kids is Pin the Cherry on the cute!

Here are the girls playing with their hamsters the next day. They got the hamsters from Aunts and Uncles for Christmas this year. They are named seashell and Peppermint.

This is a group selfie!!!!!!!!!!
 And my niece at one point pre-midnight...she was getting sleepy and cranky...we called her the party was so hard for the kids to make it to midnight but they did it!!!!!

Then I returned home to Pittsburgh and finished taking down Christmas at my home. I began talking to The Man and we are trying to work things out. I just need to be able to see him more and he is going to try to be more available. Time will tell. He is a sweet, smart, funny, attractive, employed, honest guy and I think the whole operation/sickness thing just was not a good start to a new relationship. Again, time will tell. I want to date a man that I can see and spend time with not just see at meetings and talk to on the phone. I am truly hoping for the best as I think I really like this guy already!

Happy New Year to you all and I will keep you posted.

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