Friday, January 23, 2015

Five on Friday

Hi bloggy pals!!! I am so happy to join in with 5 on Friday!

Since becoming healthy, my food choices have changed so much!! No more pizza or fast food! If I am on a road trip (which I am a lot) I will run into a grocery store and get fruit rather than buying crap at a convenience store. Most of the things I eat are salads without dressing, fruits, veggies and clean foods. All that being said, I need snacks and quick foods at work! I tend to repeat things and eat the same thing time and time again until I am sick of it. Here are recent favorites...

1.  This is the healthy option of the Graze snack box! These are great for a quick snack at work. If you have not seen this check it out here. They send you a box of 4 snacks once a week or once a month for $6 each. If you use my reward code when you sign up, your first and fifth box will be free (code: ANNW9R1FP)!!! The snacks are so yummy and there is a regular box and a healthy box where all the snacks are under 150 calories! I get the healthy box!! Love this!

2.  These Quest Bars are amazing!!! I have never tried a flavor that I did not love! I recently scored three boxes (lemon, peanut butter chocolate, chocolate chip) from Groupon and I thought it was a great deal! YUMMY!!!

3. These crackers are yummy!! I first tried them at my sisters. She eats them for breakfast a lot and we had one before we left to run the Hershey Park 10K that day. They are yummy and healthy and sustain you really well!!! Pictured is the oats flavor but my favorite is blueberry!

4.  This is a great option when you just need something quick to fill you up. So healthy and packed with everything good for you!!! If I have back to back meetings it is great because you can drink your lunch on the go! I have a blender in my desk at work so I just blend this up with ice and I am good to go!

5. I have loved these for a while now! They are decently healthy and it is my GO TO when I need chocolate! I buy the huge value box at Costco! There are definitely times when this girl just NEEDS chocolate!!!

I hope you all try some of my favorites and now I get to go read about your favorites and make some more new friends!! I love Fridays!!!

I'm linking up with the girls for Five on Friday and Oh Hey Friday

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  1. I have heard great things about the Graze box! I love healthy subscription boxes! Thanks for joining up with us in the Best of the Blogsphere. Hope to see you next week!


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