Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

I am so excited to give you an update from my weekend!!! It was awesome, rejuvenating and soooooo much stinkin' fun!!!

But, before I do that I will give you an update of my Thursday night which was equally awesome, rejuvenating and fun! I am dating this adorable, sweet man again and it is awesome! He is such a great friend and is the most entertaining person and sweetest gentleman on the planet! Such a lucky girl! I was leaving for the weekend and it was so nice to meet up for dinner and get to see him before I left for the weekend.

 This is my morning on Friday! My friend, Laura, and I took a vacation day Friday so we could get off to an early start! The place we go for the weekend is Jackson's Mill and it is the boyhood home of Stonewall Jackson who was an important figure in the Civil War.  We were going to a weekend long fellowship conference and could not wait to leave! So much so that this happened!!!! I forgot my morning smoothie was on top of the car as we packed it and I drove away!!! What a mess!!!!!! LOL!!!! It was about 2 degrees so it immediately froze on my window and car - ick!!!! I may or may not have headed to the nearest gas station and scraped it off with the wiper cleaner since all the car washed are closed when it is 2 degrees out!! What a mess!!!!!!

We kept hearing that weather was perfect for driving and no snow was expected...We cannot figure out what strange time lapse we were in.  The roads were not perfect and we had HORRIBLE driving conditions yet people that arrived five minutes after us saw clear roads?!?!!?! Seriously, something strange happened to us....we finally determined that we were riding along the road with a path of bad weather and just kind of follow it?!?! Weird!!!! here is what we drove in...not too clear, hugh?

We stopped to have breakfast (since mine was down the side of the car) at a Tim Horton's and the Triple S Harley shop happened to be right there. We popped in for some early shopping. You will see a theme; when Laura and I are together it usually involves shopping and eating all weekend - HA! She told me we were not allowed on the bikes, clearly she was wrong! LOL!

We finally arrived at the Mill Friday afternoon and started getting settled into our room at the Lodge - Room 304 (our friends were down the hall in 312). 

We had a break between eating and speakers on Friday afternoon so we decided to sled ride and make snow angels....here is Laura rocking an amazing angel!

And the finished product...

These are our really close biddies!!!! Love these guys from the bottom of my heart - they kept us cracking up all weekend!!! Or was it the other way around?!?! LOL!!!

 And some sledding pictures from Friday. We did not sled long. It was about 2 degrees out and the biggest hill we could find was only a slight down grade so it was actually hard work getting yourself started down the hill - LOL!!!This is Laura...

And my turn...notice our hill was not that steep! It was still sooo fun!

And closer of me...

This is our stop on the final day every trip! As I said, the place we go for the weekend is Jackson's Mill and it is the boyhood home of Stonewall Jackson who was an important figure in the Civil War. There is a Truck Stop at the exit when you get to Jane Lew, WVa and they have an amazing painting of the Civil War that actually has Jesus fighting in the middle. I love this painting! Everyone tells me it is not Jesus but they are wrong - it is and I am sure of it!!! See him below behind our heads?

Here is the close up below...Jesus right (only one fighting in white, long blond hair)?!?!?! I am still trying to find the painter to prove this for sure!!!! Charlotte if you see this, please give me the confirmation I need so I can prove it to all my friends! Thanks!

Here is another group shot while we were waiting in line for lunch on Saturday.

Like I said there is a lot of shopping that occurs during the speaker breaks and in the evening. Laura and I shopped Saturday night and found this amazing store called Cato. I never heard of it but they had the cutest clothes for such a reasonable price!! I went down another size and needed jeans so I found these there for $29!!!! Love the pockets-yes, that's my butt now (getting better-ha)! I wish I had bought more but I plan on going online ASAP!!!

We found lucky pennies all weekend!!!! I am hoping the prayer works that Bruce taught us - I should be happy, blessed and healthy if so!!

I hope you all had weekends that were equally amazing!!!

I would love to hear what you think...is it Jesus or not?!?! All opinions welcome! Right now, I think only I am voting Jesus! LOL! Everyone thinks I am crazy!

Happy week to you all!!!!!

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