Tuesday, January 6, 2015

He's Just not that into you/Refocus

Okay - update time already!!

What an a$$!! I do not swear on this blog but the NEW and CRAPPY man and I have officially called it quits.

Why don't men just understand that being honest is so much easier on someone. If you want to be done, just say it. Don't act like you want to keep seeing them...it is childish and trust me, most women prefer an ending to begin strung along.

So after we decided to see if this can work without all the drama we had in the beginning...here is what it came down to.

He had no time to see me for the past three days and when I texted to see if I would see him on Monday here is what I got back...LOL! (Mind you - the blacked out portion at the top is his name and the blacked out portion of the message is his sons name so you can insert "kid" there....LOL!

I responded that I was going to workout and that is it - we're done. Does anyone else get the vibe that he is "just not into me"?  Anyway its over and I have no words for how unhealthy and pitiful this man is. If your EVERY evening is completely consumed with feeding pets and taking pets to poop then there is something really wrong with you! LOL! It is clear it was over and he just did not have the "man parts" to end it himself. IDIOT!!!

On that note - I will tell you that my blog will now re-focus on what is truly important to me and that is Fitness!

I lost another two pounds this week and am closing in on my high school weight! YEA!!! I should be able to get to my goal weight with in the next two months!

I re-joined LA Fitness for the Winter since my little family-owned gym has a lot of snow days and I do not want to miss out on a workout because a gym is closed all day. I was so excited to spin!! I have not spun for months and it felt great!!!! Awesome!!! Since it was the first class of the new year, there was an amazing line at 8AM to get into class!!! LOL! I was fourth in line from the front!!!!

I got to pull out these trusty little shoes from my sister!! Still in love with these shoes - they are the best!!! They are so comfy and clip in and out very easily! You can click here to purchase the exact ones!

And I will leave you with this...

It was amazingly beautiful to see the sun shining in through my window at work yesterday! How quickly things change!!! Today in Pittsburgh, it is freezing and it was our first official snow day...not fun on the roads already!!!

In comments - I would be interested to hear your thoughts on being dumped and what was the crappiest way you have been dumped...misery loves company....Thanks bloggy friends!

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  1. Ugh Boys are so dumb!!! I am going through something very similar! I'm sorry girl just keep your head it. It is definitely his loss!!


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