Thursday, May 1, 2014

TGIF (for me at least)

Today is my Friday!


I took off tomorrow to be able to go down to the Expo and pick up my packet early and browse around. I did not want to have to rush in and out after work.  Tomorrow is the day!!!

I got my confirmation email and my runner number - 1884!!!

I also signed up for an app (RaceJoy) that will allow me to be tracked the whole race.  My family will be able to find out when I will finish and where I am all along...kinda neat, hugh?!?!? 

Especially since I am a slow they wont have to wait at the finish line all day! HA HA

I am not a preson that takes the race itself too seriously usually.  But for some reason I am getting sooooo nervous for this one!
I like to take selfies during the race and also get photos of the cute signs, etc. that the people who make the effort to come out and watch made!

I plan to take lots of pics, maybe even a few videos...we shall see....
 I cant believe it is only three days away!!

All these months of training runs and it is finally here!!!

I was chuckling the other day because I bought new shoes (Asics) just for the marathon and I have already worn out the top of my toes on them...

They were purchased in January to start training and EVERY run was done in these...I hope they last for my last 2 mile walk and the final 26.2 mile challenge!!!!!!!!! ;-)

I love these shoes!!!!

Here is the training schedule with all the completed runs checked off!! Only a two mile walk left for today and then the race on Sunday which is circled!!!! YIPPEE

Hope you all have an amazing Thursday - Friday is right around the corner!

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  1. I love the worn out shoes! When I was training for my first half marathon last year, my neighbor's dog bit my foot and tore a hole in the shoe. I finished the training and ran the race with that hole in the shoes, a reminder of all the challenges we overcome on the way to our goals. Good luck on Sunday!


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